Integrity and Courage in The Crucible

Stability and Guts in The Crucible

In life there are lots of brave and courageous people. In “The Crucible,” by Arthur Miller there are 3 characters that stand apart when speaking about integrity and nerve. John and Elizabeth Proctor in addition to Giles Corey demonstrate that integrity and courageous might not be the most convenient way to go it’s the best thing to do. At the end of Act two, Cheever comes with a warrant for Elizabeth Proctor. She has actually been charge of stabbing Abigail with a needle. John Proctor does not wish to let her go since he fears the worse if he does; however Elizabeth chooses to go peacefully. I’ll go john” (Miller 73).

Elizabeth Proctor shows integrity and nerve, as she knows that her life is on the line if she goes, but still decides to go in harmony. Elizabeth reveals both integrity and guts in leaving her kids and her spouse knowing she may not return. Maybe that’s why she wed John Proctor, who also shows stability and nerve. Elizabeth has simply been arrested and taken to prison. Meanwhile John is attempting to encourage Marry Warren to testify versus Abigail.

Marry Warren lets John know that she learns about his affair with Abigail and John at this moment becomes aware that his better half is the most essential thing and he has to do whatever it takes to safe her. Even if it indicates his track record and his name gets destroy. “We are only what we constantly were, however naked now” (Miller 76). John reveals his integrity and nerve because he understands that his track record is at risk however he is determine to save his partner and he does not care of what individuals think about him. John Proctor reveals he is a great male and his pals, including Giles Corey, share his integrity/courage.

Elizabeth and John are discussing what has occur to their pals and neighbors, John asks about Giles Corey. Elizabeth tells him that Giles would not confess or reject anything since in either case they would take his land. “They state he give them but two words, more weigh he stated and passed away.” (Miller 125) While Giles Corey did get himself in that trouble he passed away with integrity, as he would not let them take the land far from him. Thanks to his nerve he dies a great Christian and his area goes to his kids. Giles Corey takes the tough method out, but he does not show weakness at any point he keeps his thinks all the way to his death.

Giles Corey, John and Elizabeth Proctor all display in their own way stability/ nerve. Giles shows his courage and stability by being squash to death although it seems bad he actually reveals that sometimes you simply have to do what’s best no matter what the results are. John Proctor proves the same thing, as he prepares to face the court even if his name is damaged. Elizabeth quits her hopes of seeing her kids and husband. They all display in there own manner in which stability and bold might not be the simplest method to go it’s properly.