Irony in the Crucible

Irony in the Crucible

Irony In The Crucible Paradox in The Crucible In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, paradox is used a variety of times throughout the play. Among the examples in which paradox is demonstrated is when Elizabeth Proctor depends on court about John Proctor’s affair with Abigail Williams. This method is also found when the reader finds out that Abigail, Betty, and Tituba live in the minister’s home. Lastly, paradox is revealed when John Proctor forgets among the Ten Rules when Hale pertains to his house.

A great example of irony is when Elizabeth Proctor lies about the affair that she understands that Abigail and John Proctor have. She mentions this when Danforth asks, “Is your hubby a lecher [] and Elizabeth responses, “No, sir” (Miller 874, Act 3). This reveals that Elizabeth did not wish to admit about the affair. She was also not sure of what to state at specific times due to the fact that she kept turning towards Proctor for answers or hints on what she need to say.

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I believe that this example is ironic mainly since Elizabeth had never ever told a lie, until now when she does lie about her other half’s affair with Abigail Williams. What is also ironic about this event is the reason that it happened. When John Proctor remained in trial, the judges required somebody to inform them something about Proctor that they did not understand. When Judge Danforth informs Parris to go get Elizabeth Proctor, he asks John Proctor if whether she is of trust. Proctor reacts that she had never told a lie in her life, that she did not have the ability to lie (Miller 873, Act 3).

I believe that this is paradoxical because he stated that Elizabeth could not tell a lie, and to his surprise, she informed a lie for him. The second example of when paradox appears in The Crucible is when the author reveals us that Abigail, Betty and Tituba lived in Parris’ home, the minister. Abigail lives in his home since Parris is her uncle, and she needed to move there when Elizabeth Proctor kicked her out of the Proctor’s house. Betty Parris is the minister’s child and …