Is the creature in frankenstein Adam or Satan?

Is the animal in frankenstein Adam or Satan?

Thesis Statement: Is Frankenstein’s beast Satan or Adam, the very first guy? Analysis of quotes and importance of this character in the book.


  • Intro: The major’s question concerning the animal in Mary Shelley’ Frankenstein
  • Things making Frankenstein’s creature comparable to Adam
  • Analysis of the animal’s quotes comparing him to Satan and connected events
  • Conclusion: Explanation whether the creature is more innocent or wicked or a victim of situations

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, one of the huge questions is:. “Is Frankenstein’s creature in Adam or Satan I’ll address this concern in this essay I will begin to reveal the resemblances that the creator of Adam and Satan. We will see that it has more relate to Adam until the discovery of its creator. Lastly, I show that the animal is more victim than evildoer.

Things making Frankenstein’s animal similar to Adam

As Adam, Frankenstein’s monster is the first of its kind produced by another being. The production of the monster was practically synonymous with the development of Adam, “Like Adam, I am obviously united by no link to any other remaining in presence.” Monster, like Adam, had not the choice that is and what they do. Adam fell from the grace of God. creature at the first breath fell from the grace of Frankenstein. animal desires acceptance from his dad and seeks.

It is lonesome and looking for a partner. It is just through education stating that the creature is offered, starting from a life of innocence and lack of knowledge, he attempts to make it through in a hostile world that becomes like Satan. “I am rather the fallen angel, you drivest pleasure without fault. Everywhere I see happiness, I am the only irrevocably omitted. I was benevolent and excellent, anguish made me a monster.” Early in his life the animal smiled sympathetically Victor through his bed curtains.

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Analysis of the animal’s quotes comparing him to Satan and linked events

He suffers from overlook. He finds out the hard method that it is unsightly. he is disliked since of its undesirable look. creature does not safeguard himself Felix. It is good and never ever eliminate anybody until he discovers the nature of his creation and how Victor needs to leave. The beast seems to represent Adam and Satan– first, without conscience, he holds the earth searching for himself, and when he is found, he rebelled versus his developer and master.


His anger against Victor and his criminal activities can not be warranted since because he was turned down in his life too.” Lot of times I considered Satan as the trimmer symbol of my condition, for often, like him, when I saw the happiness of my protectors, the bitter gall of envy increased within me.” It is just envious and angry. I can not agree with what he did, however I can understand his” human” reasons. In conclusion, the animal is born as Adam. However attempt to endure with his self-education, it becomes like Satan, because he is a victim.