Literary Analysis of Moby Dick

Literary Analysis of Moby Dick

Literary Analysis|Moby Dick|| Jordan Fleming|10/22/2012|This paper is a literary analysis of the book, Moby Dick. In it is discussed 3 signs that are used in the novel.|In the book Moby Cock, Herman Melville utilizes a great deal of symbols that reveal through his characters. One of the big characters in the book was Captain Ahab. Ahab was an obvious sign of evil. This character showed a personality of somebody who looks for vengeance and revenge, 2 things bunched together with evil. Another sign in this book was Starbuck, Ahab’s very first mate.

He consistently reveals reasoning and factor throughout the story. The last sign that will be discussed is the symbol that the terrific white whale, Moby Cock, represents. Moby Dick represents the opposite of Ahab, which is good. Moby Dick is attempting to get away throughout the story, and does not ever act hostile up until he gets pushed too far. These are the 3 major symbols in this novel. Captain Ahab is not just one of the main characters in the story however is likewise among the primary signs that Melville utilizes in this novel. Throughout the story, Ahab devotes all his time and energy to chasing after the white whale.

However, Ahab’s crew does not realize that he is chasing the whale for revenge up until later in the story. Ahab is also stubborn and disrespectful to anyone that attempts to make him see factor. It is displayed in his actions and in his words that he lives for vengeance on the white whale. Captain Ahab can be no other symbol however evil. Starbuck, Ahab’s first mate, is another huge sign used in this story. From the time they set sail to go whaling, Starbuck is ever watchful of Ahab. When Ahab does something he believes is incorrect, Starbuck attempts to get him to reason and do the rational thing.

Towards completion of the story, Ahab is going after the white whale and Starbuck attempts to get him to do the logical thing. Starbuck reveals Ahab his incorrect behaviors and attempts to get him to change, despite the fact that he doesn’t. Starbuck is two symbols, logic and reason, constructed into one. The last symbol in this book is Moby Penis, the white whale. Although Moby Dick is a whale and for that reason can not speak, his attitude is revealed through his actions. Throughout the story, Moby Dick is continuously running from Captain Ahab and his crew. Ahab is trying to choose a fight, however Moby Cock does not want that so he flees.

Only when he feels cornered does he turn around and battle Ahab to save his own life. Moby Penis is a big sign of excellent and peace in this book. The three symbols in this novel all reveal that it takes a lot of believing to write a novel as fantastic as this one. Good is a symbol that everyone can associate with. All Moby Penis wished to do was get away, to not remain in or trigger any kind of problem. Just when pressed to the brink of his anger did he rely on finally battle Captain Ahab. Evil is a symbol of bad in this world. Ahab shows his evil through his actions.

He persists, ruthless, and desires absolutely nothing but vengeance. Ultimately his wicked methods lead to his own, paradoxical death. Reasoning and factor is something we all attempt to use in our everyday lives. Starbuck never ever speaks anything however reasoning and reason throughout this novel. His only ideas are for the safety of the ship, crew, and even Captain Ahab. Sadly, regardless of his repeated efforts to make Ahab see factor, he passes away in the end. Good, evil, logic and reason. All of these describe this book. This book has an internal message that will never ever be forgotten.