Literary Analysis the Things They Carried

Literary Analysis the important things They Brought

A Battle between Love and War In The Things They Carried, Tim O’brien the narrator of the story informs of the problems him and his Soldiers face mentally, physically and emotionally in the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien describes much of the physical things the Soldiers brought, images, letters rabbit’s feet, and a pebble. The characters in this story also carried psychological problems from being at war. Jimmy Cross is comforted by the products he brought with him, however his fascination with “love” triggers the death of a Soldier. The majority of the important things the characters in this story carried suggested a lot to them and they could not live without.

Kiowa the Native American carried a bible. Ted Lavender the first casualty of the business. He carried drugs with him to keep him soothe. He was referred to as the “most frightened of the Soldiers.” Jimmy Cross brought pictures, letters and a “good-luck charm,” a pebble from Martha whom he loved so deeply in his mind. His consistent daydreaming about Martha triggered the death of a Soldier. “Ted Lavender was dead because he loved her so much and could not stop thinking of her.” He uses Martha’s love as his escape from war, “His mind wandered. He had problem keeping his attention on the war.” ‘He would escape into daydreams. On the early morning after Ted Lavender’s death Jimmy Cross burns and buries the letters and photos that he has of Martha. His psychological predicament caused the death of his Soldier. After his death Jimmy Cross was “determined to perform his responsibilities strongly and without neglect.” After the war Cross is reminded of Lavender’s death while going through photos with O’Brien. He ‘d never forgiven himself for his mistake he hated Martha due to the fact that he liked her a lot and “since he realized she did not like him and never would.” “She signed the letters “Love,” but it wasn’t love. Kiowa is likewise burdened by the death of Lavender and is frightened.

The reader would think that Cross wouldn’t be able to love Martha again, but after hanging around with her he enjoys her once again. The important things’s Jimmy Cross brought was a representation of his inner conflict’s, which was love. As each character carried luggage of war they likewise brought fear and the concern of eliminating individuals. The characters started out as kids and were required to become guys. Each male had their own internal or external issue. As for Jimmy his concern is his love for Martha and the effect was the loss of Ted Lavender which was something he had to bring with him the rest of the war and his life.