Literary Exploration on of Mice and Men

Literary Exploration In life we are part of numerous functions that produce threats we deal with that might lie beyond our understanding. Even though these functions are difficult to comprehend, they can provide meaning to our life. In John’s Steinbeck “Of Mice and Guy,” we see these men’s day to day lives, the primary character; George looks after his friend Lennie who has difficulties understanding the guidelines of the world we reside in.

Through the story there are numerous ups and downs mainly including Lennie, who is attempting to translucent the eyes of George and to do and be as George is.

For this reason George is constantly attempting to consider what is best for Lennie. Through all of this they deal with even more dangers and still look for a way to raise money for a farm to call their own. George and Lennie show how the threats we face can affect our lives for the better while everything fails around them. Threat is essential in our lives, due to the fact that it gives us the drive to go through daily lives. Frequently when battling with dangers we discover hope and we aim to the outdoors world for assurance and escape from our concerns or discomfort.

George and Lennie find dangers from the very start of the unique due to the fact that of they are forced to range from among lots of problems Lennie causes. In the unique Steinbeck offers Lennie a purpose of looking after the “rabbits” and in doing this it shows Lennie that to him his function in life is to take care of the “Rabbits.” In the book a quote that reveal that the risks they ranged from at the really starting are far behind them, “Men like us, that deal with ranches, are the loneliest men worldwide. They got no households. They do not belong no place …

We’re gon na have a little home an’ a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and live off the fatta the land … We’ll have a big vegetable spot and a bunny hutch and chickens …” this quote shows how George and Lennie aim to have a much better life. Although George understands that these dreams will never come true, “let’s have various color bunnies, George … Red and blue and green bunnies … sure fluffy ones.” As you start to read on in the novel, it almost appears as if, their hopes and dreams are beginning to come real. “you know a place like that? “…’Maybe we could do her today? …”In one month. “… However then Lennie unwittingly is eliminating whatever he touches and the threats they ran from are coming back simply as previously, “Why he’s dead.” She sobbed “I was simply having fun with him … and he was gon na make like he was gon na bite me … an’ I made like I was gon na smack him … an’… an’ I done it. An’ then he was dead.” And since of this and Curly’s wife George is faced with a huge decision. George needs to find out that Lennie is dangerous to others that are around him since he does not understand his own strength, which him and Lennie can not keep running forever.

Nevertheless, hope can be taken as well, which is shown in the novel by a stable buck called Crooks. “A man sets alone out here at night, perhaps readin’ books or thinkin’ or pack like that. In some cases he gets thinkin’, an’ he got absolutely nothing to tell him what’s so an’ what ain’t so. Perhaps if he sees somethin’, he don’t understand whether it’s best or not. He can’t rely on some other man and ask him if he sees it too. He can’t inform. He got nothing to determine by. I seen things out here. I wasn’t drunk. I don’t know if I was asleep. If some guy was with me, he might inform me I was asleep, an’ then it would be all right.

But I jus’ don’t know.” Crooks speaks these words to Lennie, on the night that Lennie gos to Crooks in his space. The old stable-hand confesses to the really loneliness that George explained in the novel. As a black man with a physical handicap, Crooks is required to reside in the barn whitch is on the cattle ranch life. He is not even allowed to get in the white men’s bunkhouse, or join them in a video game of cards. His bitterness typically comes out through his bitter, caustic wit, but in this passage he displays an unfortunate, touching side. Crooks’s desire for a good friend by whom to “determine” something.

Due to the fact that these males feel such isolation, it is not unexpected that the guarantee of a farm of their own and a life filled with strong, brotherly bonds. “I seen hundreds of men come by on the roadway an’ on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an’ that same damn thing in their heads … every damn one of ’em’s got a little piece of land in his head. An’ never ever a God damn one of ’em ever gets it. Similar to heaven. Ever’body desires a little piece of lan’. I check out a lot of books out here. No one never gets to paradise, and nobody gets no land. In this passage, after Lennie shares with Crooks his plan to buy a farm with George and raise bunnies, Crooks attempts to deflate Lennie’s hopes which creates risks that may lie beyond our understanding. He relates that “hundreds” of males have actually travelled through the cattle ranch, all of them with dreams like Lennie’s. Not one of them, he highlights with bitterness, ever is successful to make that dream come true. Criminals shows a sense of reality, informing once again of Lennie’s childlikeness, and that the imagine a farm is, after all, just a dream.

This minute program’s off Criminal’s character, and how a life time of isolation and ruthlessness can lead to bitterness. It likewise furthers Steinbeck’s disturbing thought’s that those who have strength and power worldwide are not the only ones responsible for cruelty. As Crooks programs, despite the fact that he was injured by others, he seeked out Lennie and assaulted him because he is even weaker than Crooks is. Often in life we have problem in choices that makes us question our morals even deeper our character. Curley’s other half enters the barn and try’s to console Lennie. What you got covered up there?” She confesses that the life with Curley is a disappointment, and wishes that she had actually followed her imagine ending up being a movie star “Coulda been in the movies, an’ had good clothes-all them good clothing like they use. An’ I coulda sat in them huge hotels, an’ had pitchers took of me”. Lennie tells her that he likes petting soft things, and she provides to let him feel her hair. When he gets too firmly, she sobs out. Lennie ends up being spiritual and attempted to silence her, he unwittingly breaks her neck.

Lennie leaves back to a swimming pool of the Salinas River that George has informed Lennie of the meeting point that need to either of them enter trouble they are to meet. As Sweet find what has occurred and congregate a lynch celebration, George signs up with Lennie. Much to Lennie’s surprise, George is not mad at him for doing “a bad thing.” George begins to tell Lennie the story of the farm they will have together. As he describes the rabbits that Lennie will tend, the noise of the approaching males grows louder. George shoots Lennie in the back of the head.

When the other guys show up, George lets them believe that Lennie had the weapon, and George wrestled it far from him and shot him. Only Slim understands what has actually really occurred, that George has actually killed his buddy out of mercy “Goerge raised the weapon and listened to the voices”… “le’s do it now. Le’s get that place now.” Slim consolingly leads him away, and the other males, totally puzzled, see them leave. Lennie is an illustration of how, as we go through life, every human’s character will be given its test nevertheless, it depends on the individual to either grow from the knowledge or be crushed as a result.