Love in Romeo and Juliet

Essay subject: how love is dealt with in one of the plays (Romeo and Juliet)– Not sure if maybe the order of characters should be changed around?– Ex putting space and Juliet’s part first. William Shakespeare has actually written lots of fantastic pays over his literary career. One of his most well-known love stories of perpetuity although is Romeo and Juliet.

Naturally love is the plays most dominate theme. Throughout the play love is treated and seen very in a different way by the numerous characters of the play. Romeo and Juliet are seen as young adolescents who do not comprehend or know what true love is, however are really enthusiastic.

Capulet see’s his children like as being something that he can control, and is only concerned with honoring the Capulet blood line and economic development of the Capulet family. The nurse is seen as being nieave in her parenting along with guidance and sometimes appears to be pimp like. While Mercutio thinks that Romeo is merely just Horney and not in reality in love. Do Romeo and Juliet truly experiencing love or is it just an infatuation and an erge to make love. Are 2 individuals so young able to comprehend what love actually is and suggests at such as really young age.

I don’t think they could and with the misguidance and surrounding views of love this play has actually turned from a comedy to a tragedy. Capulet: as we look at the function of love from Capulet’s view we see a really control and controlling figure over his daughters enjoy. Like girl Capulet Juliet’s daddy dosage not play a huge part in Juliet’s every day life, but in relations to his daughters like he is a very big element. Capulet depicts the love and marital relationship of his daughter as something that he will be decided by him.

Although when discussing marriage with Paris at the start of the play he realizes that Juliet is young and needs more time to establish, represented in the quote” My kid is yet a complete stranger in the world, She have actually not seen the change of fourteen years; Let 2 more summer seasons wither in their pride Ere we might believe her ripe to be a bride-to-be.” When Paris purposes to marry Juliet, her father points out that she is young and is not even fourteen years. He quickly requires that Juliet wed Paris after Tybalts death.

This marriage to Paris is something that Juliet did not want from the start but was put upon her from the start of the play. Capulet is infact keeping an eye out for his children benefit but dosage not stop to think about what Juliet wants or go over the matter with her. When Juliet defies her fathers wishes, Capulets true sensation on her love and Marital relationship are revealed. In the quote” Thank me no thankings, nor happy me no prouds, But fettle your fine joints ‘gainst Thursday next To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither.

Out, you greensickness carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow– face.” ACT 3. 5 lines 153-158 it is made clear that he will make the decision in her daughters marriage and although she dose not wish to wed Paris it will happen on the next Thursday weither she likes it of not. The dad is more worried with status level of her suiter and the honor of his blood line then the dreams of his child and In the end of the play we see that with a little understanding on the part of Capulet the dramatic double suicide concluding the play, perhaps might have been avoided.

The Nurse; the nurse plays a really essential role in relations to like in romeo and Juliet. As we can tell at the start of the play Juliet’s fraternal mom lady Capulet is not depicted as any more than just that fraternal. The true loving relationship in between mom and daughter is played by the nurse and Juliet. The Nurse has actually been with the Capulet household for at least fourteen years, or considering that Juliet was born. We are told that The Nurse had had a daughter however unfortunately it did not make it through kid birth. The nurse likewise was juliets damp nurse and the mother daughter bond has actually been really stong sine then.

In this quote “this is the matter-nurse, give leave awhile, We must talk in secret. Nurse, return again; I have remembered me, thou’s hear our counsel. Thou knowest my child’s of a quite age” ACT 1. 3 line 7-10. Girl Capulet includes the Nurse in her conversation with Juliet about her possible marriage to Paris. It is incredibly evident that woman Capulet dose not feel comfortable with her child alone and it is revealed through out the play that they not spend very much time together while Juliet and the nurse do.

Although the nurse and Juliet’s love for each other is very strong there is another more important consider regards to Juliet’s love for a guy and the assistance the nurse provides her in choosing a match for marital relationship. When Romeo and Juliet first meet it is love at first site and the nurse alerts Juliet that he is a Montague. “His name is Romeo, and a Montague, The only child of your great enemy.” ACT 1. 5 lines 137-138 although Juliet is still really young, being the age of 14 and nieve in her understanding of love, the nurse helps her in her persuit.

From this point the nurse is viewed as more of a pimp then a mom figure who should be better. The nurse chatters with Juliet about Romeo “though his face be better than any man’s, yet his leg excels all guys’s, and for a hand and a foot and a body, though they be not to be talked on, yet they are previous compare” ACT 2. 6 lines 39-42 When she need to be stressing the reality that Romeo is a Montague and not the ideal person for Juliet’s love offered the existing scenario. Yet the nurse still goes behind the backs of her employers and guides Juliet in her secret marital relationship to Romeo.

She is seen in as a pimp in many ways such as meting to discuss marriage with Romeo and taking Juliet to Friar Laurence’s cell to be wed. In act 4 the nurse’s views on marriage and love are likewise revealed to be skewed. After Tybalts death, When confronted by Juliet with the problem of a quick marital relationship to Paris under the orders of her dad Capulet, the nurses ideas on the matter are really prudish saying” Romeo is banished; and all the world to absolutely nothing that he attempts ne’er return to challenge you; Or if he do, it requires should be by stealth.

Then, since the case so stands as now it doth, I think it best you married with the county. O, he’s a beautiful gentlemen! Romeos a dishclout to him. An eagle, madam, Hath not so green, so fast, so reasonable an eye As Paris hath. Beshrew my very heart, I think you are happy in this second match, for it excels your first; or if it did not, your very first is dead- or ’twere as excellent he were as living here and you no usage of him.” Stating that she needs to wed Paris just because Romeo is now gotten rid of and can not tend to her needs for sex.

But if he dosage still come around to do it under the nose of Paris and cheat on her new other half. So in numerous words have the very best of both worlds. The nurse not once considers Juliet’s heart and the concept of real love. The nurse just see’s the physical aspects of destination such as a man’s looks, and simply considers sax. The nurse has actually been a pimp throughout the play and although she remains in so many methods Juliet’s adult figure she is successful in leading her in the wrong instructions and offering Juliet bad guidance on love. Romeos Friends Romeo’s good friend and likewise the cousin of the Prince is Mercutio.

Unlike Romeo and most of the other characters in the play He has a very various view on love. He suggest that love resembles an ‘open arse and poppering pear’ and that basic sexual satisfaction will satisfy the desires for love. This might be because Mercutio has actually remained in love formerly and understands what love is and how complicated it can be at times, or possibly due to the fact that he has not experienced it himself. In my viewpoint he dose comprehend love and sees how quick Romeo is delving into things and not believing logically. He thinks that Romeo is not in truth in love, he is just feeling the desires to have sex.

Mercutio produces paradox in the play since if Romeo had listened to his advice and convinced Juliet to act just on her libidos rather than moral desires or marrying very first then Romeo and Juliet, along with Mercutio might perhaps still be alive. Mercutio’s death is likewise what turns the play from a comedy into a disaster, which with Mercutio dies his suggestions, and possibly condemns the fans. Romeo & & Juliet It is revealed early in the play that Romeo is foolish and thinks he remains in love extremely easily. When it comes to like Initially Romeo had actually fallen for Rosaline.

He believed that Rosaline is the lady of his dreams and that he can not live without her but those feeling where not mutual. Although Rome was heartbroken, I think that Romeo has no concept what real true love really is. This relationship is merely an example of infatuation, a foolish tourist attraction. Even though Romeo had believed he had discovered his ‘real love’ in Rosaline, when he saw Juliet for the first time he believed he remained in love once again. Juliet likewise believed the first time she saw Romeo she remained in love. But can enjoy at fist site actually exist?

I think it can not, although you may feel physically drawn in to someone when u very first meet, there is far more than just looks required to make a relationship work and really remain in love. You can not just meet somebody and fall in love, it just dosage not occur like that. Romeo and Juliet are far to young to understand the depth of feelings associated with a real, significant relationship. Even if they are able to understand with the little experience they have in love being so young, I think it takes more than a couple of hours or a number of day, as the play happens over simply a fue days to fall into love and really understand it.

These to enthusiasts sexual ergs took control of to the reality that every choice they would make from the fist encounter, at the beginning of the play would be clouded by this idea of being in love. The relationship in between Romeo and Juliet was similarly so effective that personal worths and loyalties towards family and friends were of secondary importance. “Reject thy dad and decline thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/ And I’ll no longer be a Capulet”. Juliet in impact is willing not just to deny her own household name but take the name of a Montague, the family which hers has actually remained in conflicts with for several years.

And she is led in the incorrect direction with these concepts by the nurse. Romeo likewise denies his buddy Mercutio and goes ahead and marries. Juliet. Romeo and Juliet both defy their families and friends. Their sensations for each other ultimately cost both of them their lives. The love that they felt for oneanother has blinded them in seeing the right course, and unable to understand the bad luck that lay ahead for them. Throughout the play It is evident that their are many views of love and how it need to be dealt with. At such a young age as Romeo and Juliet where, some excellent guidance and understanding of love was requirement but never found.

Romeo and Juliet where so blinded by so called love for one another that they might not see the best course. With exception to Mercutio, I think the other characters in the play did littlie to help the couple and only blurred the fact. These two must not have wed and engaged in a caring relationship. They where to young, did not know what love was, and where clearly not a great match being members of an opposing competitor family. With the misguidance of lots of characters if the play the story turns from a funny to a tragedy and we see that love is treated extremely in a different way by many individuals.