Loyalty in the Odyssey

Loyalty in the Odyssey

Thesis Declaration: Why being devoted is essential in The Odyssey and how it is exhibited by actions of the poem’s characters


  • Introduction: The importance of loaylty in The Odyssey
  • How Penelope manages to stay faithful to her absent husband
  • What Telemachus does to learn the fate of his daddy
  • Dedication and regard shown by servants Eumaeus and Philoetius
  • Why and how the protagonist Odysseus follows the gods’ will
  • Conclusion: The ways loyalty helped different characters in the poem

In The Odyssey commitment is a crucial style that has an impact on the whole legendary book. By its meaning commitment indicates a feeling of support or loyalty to someone or something. In this epic is 4 major examples that communicate loyalty, which is shown by Penelope, Telemachus, the servants, and Odysseus. Penelope is the spouse of Odysseus; she does not remarry while he is away. Telemachus, his kid, goes on a journey to find his dad. Eumaeus and Philoetius, the servants, stayed devoted servants to their master. Odysseus is king of Ithaca; he remains true to the gods, and they manage to keep him alive.

How Penelope manages to stay loyal to her missing husband

Penelope is an agent of loyalty in this legendary book. Penelope is a dedicated other half, who waits patiently several years for her husband to return. Meanwhile the suitors, in their house, is trying to force her to wed one of them. Penelope informed the suitors she would wed one of them when she ended up the shroud for Laertes, yet the text said, “So every day she wove of the terrific loom-but every night by the torchlight she unwove it; therefore for three years she deceived the Akhaians” (p. 22). The technique she used to sidetrack the suitors reveals her commitment to her partner.

What Telemachus does to learn the fate of his father

Homer portrayed Penelope to appear like a loyal character by showing her commitment to her lost love. The 2nd discussion of commitment was Telemachus, Odysseus only kid. He went on a journey to a land unidentified to find his dad’s fate. Understanding only his father’s tradition and stories of others does not upset him, it just increases Telemachus determination to discover his Odysseus’s real fate. Any other son most likely would have ignored their dad, and accept the reality that he is probably dead. However, Telemachus was devoted and looked for to build a father-son relationship, which he has actually not had all his life.

Commitment and respect revealed by servants Eumaeus and Philoetius

Another example of loyalty in the legendary was Eumaeus and Philoetius revealing their look after Odysseus that has been away for many years. Eumaeus spoke really favorably of Odysseus, “And I speak his name respectfully, even if he is not here. He liked me, cared for me, I call him dear my lord, far though he be” (p. 252). This and the fact that Eumaeus and Philoetius put their lives in danger in the annihilation of the suitors, communicates their respect, loyalty, and love for their leader. Odysseus, by far the most crucial character, revealed acts of loyalty.

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He believed the effective Zeus and other gods watched over the world, and controlled the fate of the people. Mortals many times disobey the gods, therefore need to deal with the repercussions. Odysseus was not like other mortals who succumbed to the desire of evil. Odysseus never ever disobeyed what the gods ordered him to do. The ability to be so loyal showed his commitment to the gods who already had his future identified. In the end his commitment enabled him to return back to his homeland of Ithaca. In The Odyssey, loyalty is an essential theme that has a result on the whole impressive novel.

The methods commitment assisted different characters in the poem

Homer was able to reveal that commitment by presenting it with several characters. Penelope’s commitment was established through true love. Telemachus revealed his commitment by going on a search for his father he hardly understood to develop a relationship. Eumaeus and Philoetius was just really devoted and true servants. Odysseus revealed a strong sense of respect to the gods, and they helped him overcome hard barriers. Each character showed their loyalty differently, however they all showed a great degree of commitment. By the following characters staying devoted in life, Odysseus had the ability to return house back to his household.