Mary Shelley Frankenstein: Ugly Society

Frankenstein is full of horrible aspects about human society. Mary Shelley reveals many of the sides of people that are not always favorable attributes. She actually provides a sort of critique on mankind’s judgement of others.

In this unique, a major theme is that in society individuals judge people by their appearances and this judgment may trigger negativity, this can be seen through the characters, Victor and the animal, when they evaluate other characters or are evaluated themselves. When you satisfy someone, the first thing you do is start evaluating them on what their wearing or how their hair is styled, and this is not constantly a good thing.

Immediately after Victor offered the monster the last touch to trigger life in it, he merely evaluated the beast on its appearances only. Given that the animal was extremely awful looking, this did not raise a very positive circumstance for Victor. Victor described the very first contact with the monster when he says, “I had looked on him while unfinished; he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints were rendered efficient in motion, it became a thing such as even Dante might not have actually developed”(p. 68).

If I was to witness this without knowing the previous events I would be scared. Although, since Victor knows exactly what is going on as he is offering the monster life, it is odd that he needs to be so scared. Its so bad that Victor nearly declines the creature at conception. In accordance with Victor’s actions towards his initial contact with the monster, Shelley kept the theme of humanity condemning a person due to its appearances by having Victor scared of the beast strictly due to its ugliness.

This is different than if I was the one in the lab, I would be really terrified as would anyone. However, due to the reality that Victor had actually worked on it for a couple of years and understood the circumstance precisely, he had no genuine right to be scared by the plain sight of the animal. Since he was completely expecting the creature to come to life, it was sort of odd that he would disown the animal so quickly, which accompanies the review that the author probably intended.

For that reason, as Shelley probably wanted to highlight, human beings use vision as their primary type of acceptance in a lot of events. This specific scenario would constitute a legitimate use of a really over-used proverb, “one must never ever judge a book by its cover.” In this unique, Victor “evaluated a book by its cover” as much of society does and did decline the creature for its actions or any other qualities other than that its ugliness, which sufficed for him to be appalled.

This same theme is the very factor as to why the animal goes on a killing rampage. Frankenstein’s creature starts to realize after a number of years that his ugly looks will get no acceptance from anyone. This is particularly true to him since his extremely creator or “daddy” would not accept him on the basis of ugliness. The creature himself understands this also. After reading Victor’s journal that he found, the animal stated, “Accursed Creator! Why did you form a monster so ugly that even you turned from me in disgust? “(p. 171).

Since his only contact with society, apart from the contact with a blind male, has been with individuals who show only horror when they lay eyes on him, the animal starts to see that he will not have the ability to be a part of human society based upon his physical look. That distresses him since of his requirement for companionship. That is probably a major part of Shelley’s critique on society. For that reason, the creature starts to go on a sort of “eliminating rampage” till Victor meets his needs and creates another creature regarding provide him a companion to live and connect with.

Because Victor can not get himself to do just that, the animal goes on a killing rampage on people that specifically impact Victor mentally. This is relevant given that Victor’s judgment triggered the animals abandonment based on appearances, and now Victor is going to suffer. When you evaluate someone on their appearances it can affect you in negative ways, such as in racism, when people judge others on their skin tone, fights will happen, riots can flood the streets, and even death will happen.

Society shows that judging looks has a very bad defect that can lead to disorderly results. In Frankenstein, Shelley is really able to make a review on society and its faults. She used the different characters as tools to get across the reader the state of humanity and some of the issues that exist. In fact I, in addition to others, believe that she greatly planned on making the disputes that society deals with present in an entertaining kind.