Masculinity In The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

Throughout the novel, The Brief Fascinating Life of Oscar Wao, written by Junot Diaz, sex and masculinity is the vital element in being a Dominican male. Dominican males according to Yunior, the narrator of the unique, is somebody who has power and pizzazz, controls females, manages female sexuality through physical violence and spoken aggression and finally protects their household. Oscar, a title character in the novel is fighting with his social status and being portrayed as having no game when it came to the girls. He was described as being a “palomo” which is a guy that can not get any women for the life of him. On the other hand Yunior, is the meaning of a Dominican guy. He has every quality you could possibly think about and absolutely does not have a tough time sleeping with every lady at one time. Yunior has the swagger and “G,” in comparison to Oscar, who lacks all capability to be thought about a Dominican male with masculinity.

Oscar is what Dominican males would look at as being unpopular and lacking all traits of being one of them. Throughout the book he was emasculated for numerous things he did in a different way or discovered interest in and due to the fact that of that he was called many names, for instance: a mariconcito which is a “little faggot,” Gordo asqueroso “fat slob,” and basically a loser for delighting in the fantasy anime world the way he did. His objective in life is discovering a lady who will reciprocate the love he gives, however homeboy had no such luck with the girls and when it comes down to it, never finds that love. “Fuku” which typically is a curse or doom of some kind, likewise called the “Fuku of the Admiral” since the admiral was both the midwife and one of the great European victims; despite “discovering” the brand-new world the Admiral passed away unpleasant and syphilitic, hearing Devine. Oscar’s Fuku starts when he remains in, what Diaz refers to as his Golden era. He liked the girls and was constantly trying to kiss all the ladies, this man was even so lucky to have two sweethearts at one time. The 2 women only lasted one week, when Oscar is told he should slap Maritza, one of the women, in order to “make the little puta regard him”, and to get rid of all that odd sci-fi crap he had an interest in to prevent being called a loser. When he does not listen to the guidance offered to him he understands that was the last he would have of any kind of play, seven years of ages and he would not hold another hand or kiss another lady till he was well into his adult life. Yunior states, “It wasn’t simply that he didn’t have a daddy to show him the manly ropes, he simply lacked all aggressive and martial tendencies.” By making Oscar out to be this non manly guy, Diaz still wishes to show that Oscar is capable of getting ahead and making a different life for himself, besides the Dominican manner in which he remained struggling in due to the fact that of the choices he made for himself.

Yunior in comparison is the total opposite, he is the manliest man. He is the epitome of a Dominican guy with all the masculinity one needs in order to get everything one desires. Yunior has swagger, he is muscular and is so sexual. Everything that Oscar lacks. On all accounts Yunior attempts to assist Oscar with all of the characteristics he knows the bad man is struggling with, whether it was exercising with him and trying to get him somewhat into shape, or striking on women, even though the poor person had absolutely no stability or depth to him. Because Yunior currently feels bad for being able to get whatever he desired when he desired, he chose to take Oscar in and teach him whatever he could. Though Yunior has all this video game and masculinity, he still discovers methods to ruin every advantage opting for himself and loses the one thing that mattered the most, Lola, Oscar’s sister. Oscar and Yunior are clearly opposites when it pertains to Dominican masculinity and for this factor they are utilized in comparison to one another.

Fast forward to a few years later, when Oscar returns back to the Dominican Republic, he encounters Ybon, an older prostitute who he falls entirely in love with. This woman puts him through the works and due to the fact that a woman had never revealed him the affection that Ybon was providing him, he faced love as well as death soon after. Ybon has a guy who controls her every relocation who passes the name of “the captain,” and when the captain gets wind of Oscar trying to scoop on his lady, he sends his men after Oscar. Before the captain’s guys kill Oscar, he gives a speech, showing that after all the years of not promoting the Dominican male requirement that he indeed has actually remained true to his manhood and eventually loses his life for what he desired and believed was the most spiritual thing, love. The one thing that Oscar did provide for Yunior, was show him the importance and responsibilities of manhood and what masculinity truly was. When Yunior learns about Oscar’s death, he finds a brand-new understanding of what he needs to do so, he finally settles down, gets married and teaches innovative writing.

The character of Yunior was produced to contrast the distinctions in Oscar. Yunior is the main man, the machismo, and most important the ultimate Dominican male, who saves Oscar whenever he discovers a scenario he can not get out of. Oscar was created to show that just because you fall under a certain ethnic culture or group does not suggest you will attain the very same traits that the others have. When Diaz shows Yunior vulnerable at the end of the story and explaining how, if he might of simply been the guy that Oscar was, possibly his life would have wound up differently. Maybe he would have had the female he truly was in love with. The truth is the difference between these 2 guys not only reveals the readers that it’s alright to not have specific attributes, however also that somebody will still learn something from you and will take it for the rest of their lives, whether you live to witness it or not.

In the unique these 2 characters gain from each other and likewise from their experiences that have brought them this far in life. Oscar witnesses first-hand how tough it is to be a Dominican guy with all the masculinity that comes along with it and has to accept that he will never be that manly Dominican male, and Yunior find’s that having all the power and girls isn’t whatever and finally is able to overcome the masculinity his culture believes is so important to possess. Diaz constantly reveals his reader throughout the unique the contrast between these 2 characters, and describes that although they are opposites, they somehow manage to be the exact same in numerous methods. The Dominican masculinity is something males of this ethnicity are born into, however in some cases, like Oscar, do not necessarily gain or understand ever.