Memory in Beloved

Memory in Beloved

Clariza Gutierrez April 16, 2012 English 320 In everybody’s life there is a minute that is so dreadful and dreadful that it is best to attempt to push it further and further back into your mind. When distressed by death for instance it is very natural to shut down the memory in order to self-defense reduces the awful emotional experience. Very frequently it is thoughtful that this neglecting and abandoning is the best way to forget. In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, memory is depicted as a hazardous and deliberating professors of human consciousness.

In this novel Sethe endures the oppression of self enforced jail of memory by revising the past and death of her daughter Beloved, her mom and Infant Suggs. In Louise Erdrich’s story Love Medication, memory of death and the past is exposed thoroughly among the characters of June, Gordie, Henry and Lyman. It appears by juxtaposing these 2 novels that the style of memory of the past and death plays a significant role in these characters lives. Nevertheless the style of memory is revealed and depicted for two various reasons in both these novels.

In Cherished, Sethe expresses an insatiable fascination with her memories with the past to understand the causes of death and then having the ability to deal with them. While in Love Medication, memory is shown through a series of episodes where Gordie and Lyman attempts to bring back things alive once again by reviewing the past of June and Henry through their death. In Precious by Toni Morrison, Sethe undergoes a self-imposed prison of memories by revisiting the past and death of her child Beloved. She begins by discussing to Denver the power of memories and how they are immortal.

Memories have an effect on the present since they alter the way we take a look at the world around us. She continues by discussing that the power of some experiences can be so strong that is appears that even the memory of it is enough to make the terrible incident take place once again. “To Sethe, the future referred keeping the past at bay. The “much better life” she believed she and Denver were living was merely not that other one. Sethe keeping her from the past, that was still waiting for her was all that mattered (pg 51). Here we are introduced to Sethe’s belief of keeping the past where it belongs. However it is unavoidable that Sethe is brought back to her memories through her daughter Beloved, who she killed as a baby eighteen years ago. One unforgettable memory that Sethe has of her dead child Beloved is when she thinks back to her stolen milk. “All I understood was I had to get my milk to my infant lady. No one was going to nurse her like me. Nobody was going to get it to her fast enough, or take it away when she had sufficient and didn’t know it. No one knew that but me and no one had her milk however me (pg 19). This memory of Beloved through the stealing of her milk is the only memory that shows a mother and daughter relationship to Sethe. Through the defense of her milk, Sethe revealed that she when did protect and liked her daughter Beloved even though she tries not to remember. Sethe tries to understand and cope with her memories of her mom’s death when she revisits the past through Beloved. In this novel there is a relationship between Beloved’s arrival and the blossoming of Seth’s memory. Only after Cherished comes to Seth’s house as a girl does Seth’s repression of many agonizing memories begin to raise.

Beloved brings Sethe to speak about her mom’s death, which is another memory that she tries to keep in the past too. Cherished asks about Sethe’s mother and she discusses that she rarely saw her. Sethe points out that her mom was hanged, and she is suddenly stunned by the recollection of a disturbing memory that she had actually forgotten. “Hung. By the time they cut her down no one might tell whether she had a circle and a cross or not, least all of me and I did look (pg 73).” In this section we see how Beloved influences Sethe’s memory of her mother’s hanging to come to the surface.

Sethe does however have one other rather specific memory of her mom of what might have been their only interaction. “She should have nursed me two or 3 weeks– that’s the method the others did (pg 73).” Again here we see how milk to a child is important to Sethe due to the fact that it is the only interaction that she had with her daughter Beloved and her nameless mother. Even though Sethe tries to comprehend and cope with the past, Beloved generates a transformation in Sethe that permits her to speak what she had actually believed to be the unspeakable.

With Beloved’s arrival and back into Seth’s life, Sethe also feels the requirement of returning into the memory of Baby Suggs, her mother in law. Infant Suggs held religious events at a place called the clearing, where she taught her followers to love their voices, bodies and minds. Nevertheless, after Sethe’s act of infanticide, Child Suggs stops preaching and retreats to an ill bed to pass away. Accompanied by Denver and Beloved, Sethe feels the requirement to go to the cleaning where Child Suggs utilized to preach. “Baby Suggs’ far away love amounted to any skin- close love she had understood.

The desire, not to mention the gesture, to satisfy her needs was good enough to lift her spirits to the place where she might take the next action (pg 112).” In this section the memory of Infant Suggs likewise comes onto the surface area, making Sethe wish to remember her death by the presence of Beloved. Comparable to Toni Morrison’s unique Beloved, Erdrich’s unique Love Medication reveals characters also dealing with memory of death and the past. In this book we come across numerous characters who are affected by the death of June, specifically her hubby Gordie.

After her death, Gordie thought to himself, “We knew each other much better than most people who were married a lifetime. We knew the good ideas, but we knew how to injure each other too.” “They had always been together, like bro and sibling stealing duck eggs, blowing crabgrass in between their thumbs, going after cows (pg 208).” Similar to Sethe, Gordie tries to close down the past and memories of enjoyed ones. Additionally, Gordie tries to deal with June’s death by shutting down all his memories together through drinking alcohol. A month after June died, Gordie took the very first drink, and after that the requirement was on him like a hook in his jaw, tipping his wrist, sending him out with needles piercing his hairline, his aching hands (pg 208).” In this section of the novel, Gordie likewise validates that his hands remembered things his mind might not. “His hands remembered things he required his mind away from– however what his hands kept in mind now were the times they struck June. They remembered this whole they curled around the gold-colored can of beer he had actually begged down the roadway at Eli’s. (pg 209). Here we discover through Gordie’s memories that he once was violent with June and that his hands likewise had memories of their own which were clearer to Gordie than his actual mind. Regardless of the reality that Gordie has these violent memories of June, he also has some quite wonderful memories of them together at their honeymoon.” Side by side, they walked the little course to the cabin, entered, and lay down without speaking. They kissed each other’s hands and then folded them together and lay that way, like 2 people carved on stone caskets, gazing up at the ceiling (pg 268). Gordie’s memories of June is repeated and displayed in ways to just bring her or spirit back alive in his mind. He is gotten rid of by sorrow and love as he goes through their years together trying to shut these memories out by drinking. It is in and only after her death that he understands his real love for her. In the novel Love Medicine, Henry and Lyman are likewise characters that handle the memories of the past and death. In the beginning of the chapter “Red Convertible”, we are introduced to the memories of Lyman when he explains the something that connects both of the siblings, the red convertible. We went locations because cars and truck, me and Henry. We removed driving all one whole summertime. We started off towards the Little Knife River and Mandaree in Fort Berthold and after that we discovered ourselves down in Wakpala somehow … Some people hang on to details when they travel, however we didn’t let them bother us and just lived our daily lives here to there (pg 179).” Lyman’s memories of them together with the red convertible are memories that are substantial to Lyman with his bro Henry. Nevertheless these are memories that slowly start to fade when Henry comes back from the war.

When Henry comes back from the war, he goes through an extensive modification that not just affects him however Lyman also. Henry holds memories of his experience at war that does not permit him to be his “old” himself. “When he got back, though, Henry was very various, and I’ll say this: the modification was no good. When I remained in the space seeing TV with Henry and I heard his teeth click at something. I examined, and he ‘d bitten through his lip (pg 183).” Henry’s memories of his past at war are so effective that it shuts him down completely from the world around him.

Lyman thought that considering that Henry liked the automobile that fixing it would help him get his old sibling back and revive some old memories. However this fails. At the end of the chapter, Henry delves into a river, which results in his self-destructive death. Lyman repels the red convertible to sink in the river also Henry. This in such a way shows how Lyman still desired Henry to have the automobile with him at the end and all the memories that it held for him to keep and reside on with him even after his death.

Before and after Henry’s death, Lyman held memories that he attempted to restore alive through both his brother Henry and the red convertible. Overall, in both books, Morrison and Erdrich emphasizes memory of death and the past as a connection in between the relationships of each character. Whether you cope or handle these memories to be able to comprehend the past that weren’t clear to you, like Sethe carried out in Cherished or work as a way to bring the past and people that were part of them back alive, like Gordie and Lyman carried out in Love Medicine, memory represented a barrier to such an existence through their specific lives.

We all have our time devices. Some take us back, they are called memories. Just like these characters in both books presented, memory is a way of holding on to the important things you love, the important things you are, and the things you never wish to lose. Functions Cited Morrison, Toni. Beloved. New York: Knopf, 1987 Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2009