Modern Version for Romeo and Juliet

Modern Variation for Romeo and Juliet

Jossers Love at the fire escape “My only love derived from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and understood too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I need to love a hated enemy’- Juliet -Characters Rodney, as Romeo Julia, as Juliet Redness’s daddy, Mr. Developing, as Mr. Montague Cilia’s papa, Mr. Lilts, as Mr. Caplet Setting- Chicago, on a cold spring night, Cilia’s apartment or condos’ fire escape. Beginning- Soreness’s papa, Mr. Developing, and Cilia’s dad, Mr. Lilts, are organisation rivals and they do not desire Rodney and Julia to talk or see one another.

Rodney Is strolling with his good friends towards the event party for winning the national football championship, when he begins thinking) Rodney- (In his mind) I want my beloved girlfriend would be here, Oh Julia where are you? I miss you … (Julia Is sitting In her homes fire escape thinking of Rodney. Her father comes In.) Mr. Lulus- Juliet, daughter of mine, I have to go on a conference far and won’t be house until tomorrow night. Julia- Okay papa. (Julia remains outdoors thinking.) Julia- Rodney, I wish you might be here with me, my moms and dads not home so they wont know. I must call you!

Grabs phone and calls Rodney, Rodney phone rings, he addresses) Rodney- Hey There Julia Julia- Hey Rodney, I miss you, and I wish you might come by so we might see each other for a while. Rodney- I’m on my method to the event party for the football video game with my good friends, however you’re more Important than them so I’ll slip out and go my love. My papa can’t find out though. Julia- Oh babe, you would do that for me? Rodney- I will do that and way more. Julia- Wonder, Okay, I’ll Walt for you. Rodney- I’ll be there In 10. Julia- Okay, Rodney- Okay, (They hang up) (Rodney goes to Cilia’s apartment complex)

Julia- I wish our moms and dads weren’t so persistent and let me and Rodney Simply be together. (Shouts) Rodney- on Julia can I climb up and be available in. Will it be sate? It your tanner catches me he will call the police and we will never be together. Julia- My daddy is in a Task conference, he will not be home until tomorrow. Rodney- Well then, I’m a lucky person. (Rodney smiles and climbs up the ladders truly fast to go see his lovely Julia. He arrives and hugs Julia actually tight.) Julia- Please do not let me go, I want you to stick with me permanently and ever. With you I’m so pleased and you make me seem like I’m the very best!

Rodney- My love, I want I might stick with you permanently however our families would not like for us to be together and I do not want to lose what we have because of them. Julia- I understand babe. (Rodney papa calls him and asks where he is. He doesn’t tell him and hang up. Then they hear somebody walk in) Julia- someone Just walked in releases see who it is. (They go Inspect) Julia- who exists? (the person is strolling towards them) Mr. Lilts- Hey there Julia, I’m back! (Mr. Lilts reaches where Julia and Rodney are and he is surprised seeing him there. He beings in the table and tells them to sit so they talk) Mr.

Lilts- Rodney, you know o’er not supposed to be here, and Julia you understand better that we do not like this people near our family. Now Rodney if you may please Rodney- Excuse me sir, but me and your child have a terrific love for each other and perhaps we getting together will break the fight between our families. Julia- Yes father, I love him so much!! Rodney- If just you offer me and opportunity perhaps we might fix something out! Mr. Lilts- The fight between our households will not break up and be great! Now leave or I’ll make you leave !!!!!! Rodney- Sorry sir, but I will not leave up until you accept Julia and I o be together.

Mr. Lilts- I’ll accept your love if and just if your father does also. (Rodney father accepts their love and now they are the couple that fixed their love with the feud. 2 years passed and as they sit down thinking of how they got together Julia stated) Julia- My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unidentified, and understood too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I should enjoy a loathed enemy. Rodney- I enjoy you Julia. (They live happily forever after.) Epilogue Mr. Lilts and Mr. Developing Join service together to show their approval of their children’s love