Movie Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun

When enjoying a film, such as A Raisin in the Sun, one needs to go into it with an open mind and a little skepticism. I normally don’t like older films due to the fact that of the method individuals dress, the acting, and the quality of the picture. And approved, the electronic camera not being consistent did frustrate me a little, but it quickly faded into the background as I was drawn into the plot that gradually unfolded.

The setting, lighting, costumes, and props worked for background of the story and the characters. Opening into a small home in the city where a lady leaves before the sun is up produces the impression that they are striving end tasks in order to support themselves. The dirty furniture and mismatched decorations that occupy the living-room show that they aren’t the most well off, however they make it deal with what they have. And the relentless stream of people that stroll through the small home just to leave to their own jobs reveals numerous people making the best of a circumstance that is making them all stressed. When the elusive check can be found in the mail and is delivered to the family, everybody acts as though it’s going to save them all and provide a much better life than the one they currently have. While seeing the film, I saw the check as a sign of wish for the family. They were still working dead end jobs that they thought about demeaning with the hopes that the American Dream would be best around the corner, after simply one more difficult day of working for people who didn’t look two times at them. The kid enacted the dreamer, who believed in earning money quick with little security, and in turn almost triggered the family’s world to come crashing down when his latest fast-track idea. The sibling is the helpless romantic, who appears to lead two people on although she has her sights on one of them. The partner is constantly stressed throughout the film, and the mom appears to be the kind-hearted old female who has nonstop faith that the good life she has actually constantly wanted for her household will happen someday. The characters provide this film an interesting dynamic since we see the challenges and tense relationships they share with each other, but also the strong household commitment they have when it actually comes down to it. The lighting throughout the movie seemed moderate to me, as though it was never completely intense adequate to be thought about pleased, at least till the very end when the characters have the ability to vacate their studio apartment and into a home that holds pledge for a brighter future.

The movie A Raisin in the Sun made an impression on me I didn’t anticipate. I don’t understand exactly what I was expecting, however thanks to the incredible acting of the actors I had the ability to see a group of individuals who were living in less than optimistic methods, however who had continuous faith that their luck and lives would alter. I delighted in the film because it amazed me. It’s not a film I ‘d normally choose to watch, however it made an effect on me that I would not have had otherwise.