My Beloved City

My Beloved City

My beloved city I still remember the odor of coffee surrounding my university. It appears like the other day when I initially got here in Bucharest. The bustling city lives. The stimulation of crowds and traffic create energy that challenges the human spirit. Maybe that is why the city dweller shows the image of an angry, stressed and hostile individual. But that was not my case. Young, restless, eager to make a difference, I was trying to open my method through the crowded streets, noisy and indifferent individuals. You could smell the enjoyment.

Sadly, the festivity would not last too long. The harmony of the nation life that appealed my mind was recorded history. Bucharest, identified. The large amalgamation of cultures and periods comes together splendidly and distinctively and is quickly recognizable by merely looking at the things that render a city– the buildings. The method they were put up, the design that is embedded in them, and even the political statements that they appear to scream, all of it makes the architecture of Bucharest extraordinary.

I started wondering the streets and found myself astonished that beyond all the hostile look I could observe the 3 most popular designs of architecture that might be seen in Romania’s capital. The old made and traditional style of the baroque period that transformed Bucharest into the Paris of the East; The totalitarian and dominant style of the communist regimes and the design that right away followed: modern-day Romanian architecture.

The baroque and romantic years swept through the East and soon craftsmens of all sorts were starting journeys of innovative flexibility that penetrated all aspects of life. Architecture was no exception. Around Bucharest, gargoyles loomed, securing elaborately arched windows. The city skyline started to burst with embellished roofs, high and sweeping, shingled with coppers and stained woods.

The sight of middle ages architecture that made it through the communism, integrated with modernism, gave an unique significance to this city. Although the enjoyment is far from gone as the structures collapsed in people’s indifference, I still find myself trapped in the magic that Bucharest inspired me from the start, to live and discover and primarily try to make it through. I can not say it is the best city I have ever seen. Far from being house, for me it was the very best location to get lost in.