Narrative Essay- the Crucible Abigail Williams

Story Essay- the Crucible Abigail Williams

Before the allegations: Dear Journal, I hate Elizabeth by heart. I am calling for revenge, oh God please hear me. And if God is not willing to fulfill my desire I will need to utilize other aid. I can not stand the hurt in my bleeding heart any longer. John, oh John, it would be simpler if you left your other half and flower out the pureness of our love with me. We might leave; go to a location where we will be pleased for the rest of our lives. However you broke my heart. I tried to couple with you. I still remember my accelerated heartbeat when our bodies came closer; you should have kissed me.

But you did not. Rather, you do not want to know anything about me. I really thought that you would fall in my arms. And I did not feel guilty about our prohibited love for one breath of my life. I would do it once again, simply for you John, for our love. I never felt such true love in my life. I never ever had a mom who would like me no matter what happens. You were the only light in my life. And this light vanished when you decided to turn your back on me. You can not resist me, I know that. You still love me, you need to like me, and I am the just one for you.

So I will do whatever it takes to reunite with you once again. I do not care about Elizabeth or her devilishly kids, they ought to burn in hell. Oh yes, Elizabeth, you sincere, well-behaved holy lady, you will perceive my choler. You will regret dismissing me. I am not the one to blame for the vacuum in your marital relationship. Besides I am the one of us 2 who makes him blessed to be a member of this world. I have a strategy. I shall not rest till I get what I should have. Individuals might pass away. However there is a cost for each purchase in this world. In my case it is the yearning for vengeance.

Vengeance, vengeance, you are sweet bitter. I need to make sacrifices. Witchcraft is the problem’s option. Tituba will assist me. She is from the Barbados and she is notified about other spirits. We used to meet in the woods. We dance. Often we get naked. Last time we consumed chicken blood in order to eliminate Elizabeth Proctor. I believe Parris saw us dancing in the woods. Betty is not doing well. But I do not care about her state. If she says a word about us consuming blood I will eliminate her. I already cautioned her. She will listen, she is bright. All the other housemaids do not mind to control Salem.

It is a video game. We will never ever give up due to the fact that we started it. I am terribly enthused to see Elizabeth hang. Proctor is clever. He will know that I lag all this mystic witchcraft. Possibly then he will know how important he is to me. Some individuals are going to pass away. I think we are going to call 19 individuals in the court. Mary Warren is a good girl, too good. She might tell the fact about whatever. I need to be prepared. She will not be the one to destroy my genius plan. I currently put too much effort in it. Nobody can stop me. Nobody can stop the girls from Salem. We are born to be effective.

We are born to get what we want. We will kill inhabitants of Salem. We will be the winners of this video game I compose the rules. I am the leader. After the witch trials: Dear Diary, John is dead. I never wanted him to die. I loved him excessive. He is gone now. He will never return. I used him to entrust me, I had the cash but he did not want to be with me. He did not want me, Abigail Williams. I miss him; I miss his warm hands and his soft skin. I miss out on how he looked at me. Elizabeth it is your entire fault. You must have passed away. Why him and not you? I tried my best.

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I pointed at innocent people. Innocent people hanged because of us. We killed them. We needed to kill them. They needed to die. I delighted in the relieving minute when somebody was hanged. It felt right. I felt euphoric. They were the zenith of my life. I understood that Mary Warren would act Puritan. She is similar to Elizabeth. I dislike her. The Court did not think her. We were too strong. She was too weak, poor girl. She was sweating like a pestered pig when the judge was questioning her. She needs to find out how to lie. When she knew that the judges would not think her she quit and pertained to our safe side.

But now John is dead due to the fact that of her. I am selfish. I take my life over his and I do not regret it. John had his opportunity to come with me. It was his choice to hang. I wish to live and I will. I will find another man, a better male who values my effort and love. I will more than happy and blessed. Until then I will do whatever to conceal the fact from the light. Salem will never ever be smart enough to hunt the real witches of the town. We are accountable for the death of 19 human lives. We are beasts. Try to capture us. The video game goes on.