O’connor’s A Good Man Is Hard To Find

From the title of the story itself, I was currently anticipating the plot to be showing the unfavorable side of the characters. True enough, the characters involved appear to be minimizing their positive side as individuals and undoubtedly prosper on the conflicts their scenarios brought them. Every step along the way is a test of the relative’s character.

The bad guys who did the killing and whose presence have actually been foreshadowed already by the granny are cold-blooded murderers who do incline ending the lives of even the old and the young characters there. Being a timeless story most often consisted of in the research studies of the young (in school), I was expecting a rather conservative storyline instead of a violent one. So it was with excellent surprise for me that the story ended with less to be wanted.

Even if I was preparing myself to be open-minded in reading materials such as these, I still can’t assist feeling bad about the outcome of the story. It absolutely alters my perception of things. The story reminds me that indeed, there is always a great and a bad side in everyone. When the grandmother touches the “Misfit” before she was eliminated, I think she was then showing empathy and forgiveness to the individual in question. It might likewise be an appeal to spare her life.

Nevertheless, I want to repeat that after all the experiences the grandmother should have gone through, she can currently see through a person’s real self, and maybe, simply perhaps, she has seen the goodness of the killer inspite of all of it. On the other hand, the Misfit also showed a determination to be humane when he recognized the possibility of the grandmother becoming excellent in the real sense of the word, if only she can be advised all the time. I think the Misfit’s sentence was a metaphor.