Of Mice and Men

This paragraph will be about the disgust and scary which is communicated during chapter 3 of, Of Mice and Guy during a battle in between Lennie and Curley. Towards the end of the novel the fight begins where Curley ‘slashed at Lennie with his left, and then smashed down his nose with his right’, already this quote reveals the power of Curley in this battle and the large harshness and magnitude of the entire scenario.

The word ‘smashed’ utilized is onomatopoeia, suggesting it’s spelt how it sounds, so the reader can almost hear the effect of the punch on Lennie’s face and are made to feel compassion towards Lennie as he did nothing wrong and worry for what may occur to him at the hands of Curley.

In addition ‘slashed’ and ‘smashed’ provide alliteration to this sentence including rhythm for the reader to check out and helping the tension to additional build up to the climax of the fight.

These words the writer has actually picked to use produce clear images in the readers mind as they are bitter words and likewise are typically associated with ‘horror’ motion pictures which adds to the method fear is shown in this quote. ‘Lennie provided a cry of fear. Blood deceived from his nose’ is another quote conveying scary in this chapter. These derogative sentences are both short and stylish which shows the action throughout the scene and are utilized by the author to make a point and include impact to the novel, also they make a point and are developing tension for what is yet to come in the scene.

Using the word ‘blood’ might also have provoke a strong response on the readers emotions as it is a world strongly connected with pain and death. In addition using the verb ‘cry’ makes you feel terrific empathy towards Lennie as at this moment you understand about his discovering problems and a substantial man like him ‘crying with terror’ informs the reader just how afraid a scenario he is in. The writer conveys his ideas by the language he utilizes and the structure of his sentences to convey horror and disgust throughout this scene.