Of Mice and Men

1. Prior to she appears, Curley’s other half has actually been a subject of conversation among the men in the bunkhouse. What do the cattle ranch hands consider her? Are they precise? Go over whether she is a supportive, or an unsympathetic character, explaining why it is that you see her as you do.

A. The cattle ranch hands take a look at curley’s better half and think she is lonely, they view her as ‘floosy’ and a ‘tart’. When they talk about Curley’s spouse over a video game of cards they all agree that she will make trouble for someone; as George states, “She’s a jailbait all set on the trigger. They are accurate since when she appears all she does is flirt with the other men. She is longing for attention. All she desires is somebody to speak with, to converse with however in her mind the only way she can do this is by flaunting herself to the guys simply to get discovered. I see Curley’s spouse as a unsympathetic character. She will do exactly what she can to do to get her desires and needs fulfilled. Whether it be loneliness, someone to talk to or simply flat out attention from the males.

I believe she tries to discover some kind of sympathy with lowly regarded people such as Scoundrels or Lenny, although she understands she ought to stay away from them. When she was trying to get the attention from lenny at the end and could not she pushed for more making lenny stroke her hair. Lenny accidently stroked to hard and snapped her neck. Concluding what George said back in the beginning about her being jailbait. 2. Mention instances from throughout the novella where Steinbeck associates Lenny with little furry animals. Discuss what this association shows us.

A. Lenny likes to pet mice for convenience. He seeks friendship in little furry animals. George is constantly taking the dead mice far from lenny, but lenny tries to keep it in his pocket. I think this is Steinbeck’s way of letting us know that lenny does not appreciate death and is more worried with convenience. I think Mice represent the incorrect hope of a safe area for Lenny. Like Lenny, mice suffer due to the fact that they’re small: a mouse’s physical smallness leaves it susceptible; while Lenny’s psychological smallness is his undoing.

I think that rabbits represent Lenny’s dreams and the impossibility of their satisfaction. Rabbits are an easy summation of whatever Lenny wishes for, exposing his really basic thinking. Even when George initially informs the story of the dream farm, it’s at Lenny’s prompting to tell him about the bunnies. For George, the farm is all sorts of flexibility and joy, but for Lenny, it is just access to soft things. We understand Lenny is excited about them because they’ll be furry and charming to animal, however we likewise understand that Lenny tends to hurt whatever he animals.

This doesn’t bode well for him and he understands it, hence the big, frightening, rabbit at the end of the story. That rabbit reveals that Lenny isn’t fit to lick the boots of a bunny, but that the bunny originates from Lenny’s own mind suggests that he understands deep down he’ll never ever have his dream. The truth that bunnies never actually appear in the book highlights the unfortunate reality that Lenny’s dreams can never emerge. 3. In spite of the sparseness of dialogue and the very little interaction, the minor characters in the bunkhouse seem well rendered and distinct.

Select among these characters, explain his personality and explain how his physical and psychological cosmetics contributes to the story. A. Scoundrels (called for his crooked back). He lives by himself since he is the only black man on the cattle ranch. Scoundrels is a book person and likes to keep his room cool, however he has been so beaten down by solitude and prejudicial treatment of that he is now suspicious of any kindness he receives. Criminals character contributes to the story to help fit the time and setting of the age.

Lenny’s brief interaction with Crooks reveals the intricacy of racial bias in the northern California ranch life. Scoundrels is painfully aware that his skin color is all that keeps him separate in this culture. Due to the fact that of his need to feel like he has to separate himself and has actually suffered severe loneliness, he gets a rise when other people feel lonely too. Like in the circumstances where he teases lenny, about George not returning. 4. The title of the novella is drawn from a popular quote from the poet Robert burns: “The best laid plans of mice and guys oft go awry. George and Lenny relay their prepare for the future in a story informed by George over and over, that ends up being a sort of ritual for them in the novel. George’s story produces strong reactions in others. First, explain how two other characters respond to the story. Second, discuss what function the ritual informing of the story serves especially in the last occurrence. A. They hope to one day achieve their shared dream of calming down by themselves piece of land. Lenny’s part of the dream is simply to tend to (and touch) soft bunnies on the farm. This dream is among Lenny’s preferred stories, which George continuously retells. fter hearing this story Sweet, the aged, one-handed ranch hand, uses to pitch in with George and Lenny so that they can buy a farm at the end of the month in return for approval to live with them on it. The 3 of them enjoyed however their delight is overshadowed when Curley attacks Lenny. He then, urged on by George, captures Curley’s fist and crushes it, advising the group there are still challenges to overcome prior to their objective is reached. George than discusses the dream with Crooks, who can not withstand asking if he can hoe a garden patch on the farm.

After lenny eliminates curley’s partner and George discovers him, The two sit together and George retells the precious story of the intense future together that they will never ever share. He then shoots Lenny in the back of the head, so that his death will be painless and delighted. I think George retold the story to assist lenny feel more at ease and to put him in his happy place prior to eliminating him. So that way when lenny died he didn’t know George wished to kill him or did. His last idea was going to be of the story of them two together on the farm. Of Mice And Male