Of Mice and Men Chapter Questions

Of Mice and Men Chapter Concerns

Of Mice and Guy teacher and trainee guides from Novel Units, ISBN: 1-56137-187-4 and 1-56137-310-9 – Chapter 1: oWhat is George like (based upon how he looks, what he states, how he acts? What is Lennie like? Use graphic organizer. oWhy does George snap with Lennie? oPredict how Lennie and George will be treated on their new job? – Chapter 2: oWhy is the new employer upset even prior to George and Lennie get here? How does the reader find out? Do you think George and Lennie are concerned about outraging their new employer? oWhat is the boss (Curley) like? Why doesn’t Lennie response him? Ho does the boss feel about oLennies mental slowness? P 35, why is Curley’s better half “suddenly worried” when she find out he has entered into your house? What do George and Lennie think about her? Why doesn Lennie reference “defensively” that she is pretty? (p 35) oOn p 41, it says that Curlye’s “eyes flashed over George, took in his height, measured his reach, took a look at his trim middle.” What do you believe Curley is believing? Why do you suppose is so quarrelsome/inclined to eliminate? – Chapter 3: oWhy does Slim call Lennie a cuckoo? Why does George fix him? (Difference between being slow-witted and crazy). oHow does Slim feel about the friendship in between George and Lennie? What do we learn happened in Weed? How do we learn? oWhy do you tink Sweet enabled Carlson to kill his pet dog? Should he have done it himself or declined to have it done? What theme, from Thursday’s warm-up, is this touching on? oWhat happens between Lennie and Curley? Why does Lennie end up hurting Curley? Was George providing great guidance when he told Lennie to Fight back? Do you believe Curley’s partner is to blame? – Chapter 4: oWhat is Crooks bunk like? What does it show about him? oWhy doesn’t Crooks desire Lennie in his space initially? oWhy do you think Crooks tells Lennie a lot about himself? Do you concur with him that “a man gets too lonesome an’ he gets ill”? (Tie into the theme/motif “Its essential to have somebody to speak with– even if he does not really understand”) – Chapter 5 Questions: oWhy does Curley’s other half speak to Lennie in the barn? How is the conversation similar to when Criminals spoke with him? oWhy does Curley’s spouse let Lennie pat her hair? Why does she end up shrieking? How is this like what occurred to Lennie before? oWhat plan does George develop after Candy finds the body? Why? oWhy do Slim and George concur, “I guess we got ta get [Lennie] oWhat do you believe will happen to Lennie? – Chapter 6 concerns: How is the setting at the opening of this last chapter like the setting of chapter 1? Why does Lennie concern this place? oWhat is Lennie picturing? Why id he having the hallucinations of the old woman and rabbit? oWhat is George’s state of mind when he finds Lennie? Why doesn’t he shout? oWhy does George kill Lennie? Do you think he did the ideal thing? How is this like the killing of Sweet’s dog? oHow do Slim and Carlson react when they find that Lennie has been shot? Do you believe that either believe the reality about how Lennie died? oHow are males like mice? (Frequently helpless, typically have strategies that do not exercise, are frequently trapped)