Of Mice and Men Curleys Wife

Page 1 2 Essay length: 1165 words Submitted: 21/08/2012 Share this essay: Do disappoint me this once again Are you in the ideal place? Dive to John Steinbeck and see how teachers believe you should prepare in: GCSE 854 AS and A-level 93 International Baccalaureate 1,024 University 15 Learn More Save Submit similar essay Essay sneak peek GCSE JOHN STEINBECK i”? Job Of Mice and Men: In a letter. John Steinbeck Composed of Curley spouse: She is a great lady and not a floozy. Go over and describe your own impression of Curleys partner.

In Of Mice and Guy John Steinbeck explains Curley spouse as a character of many contradictions she is shown as both a great girl and a floozy; lonely yet vindictive; Motherly however likewise seductive. In this essay I will attempt to go over both of her sides. Throughout the unique Curley other half acts and dresses as a floozy; in the extremely starting when we initially see her she is dressed up good and has her nails painted red which in those days signified danger, she dresses in very good quality clothes and takes care of herself a lot more then she must as she remains in a ranch full of men and has tasks as all the women those days had.

She spends excessive time on her appearance, in the unique it says she has rouge lips, hair in little sausages, and not only is she dressed extremely nice, she also acts extremely sexy by showing off her womanly parts she put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so her body was tossed forward. She leans against the door frame teasing the males, she knows she will get lots of attention because she is a young pretty woman and the men are constantly in the cattle ranch and she is the only girl there.

She also talks really flirtatiously with the men as she states things playfully showing she has no interest of finding her husband as she meant to do in the first location. When she will leave she states No one can blame a person for looking which has a double entendre. It can be interpreted as you canat blame an individual for looking which would imply you can not blame her for searching for Curley and you can not blame a person for looking and appreciating her.

Likewise, when she enters the bunkhouse she states I am trying to find Curley which is a lie since she is only saying that to flirt and talk to the men. We can inform that because when Slim says he has actually just seen Curley heading toward their house, she instantly becomes uncertain and heads away because she does not want to be seen flirting with the men. The guys understand that she is in a loveless marriage to Curley.