Of Mice and Men Curley’s Wife

mice When John Steinbeck composed of mice and guys, he revealed there was a great deal of inequality during the 1930’s. This essay will try to represent the inequality of females in Steinbeck’s book. George the primary character of the story, first sets his eyes on Curley’s spouse, his preliminary impression of her is that he has actually “never seen no piece of prison bait worse than her” (Steinbeck 2006 p36).

In the unique Curley’s wife is a beautiful woman who constantly shows her appeal to the males on the cattle ranch. She dresses wrongly for a lady wed to the boss’s boy. She had full, roughed lips and large spaced eyes, her fingernails are red and her hair awaits little rolled clusters, like sausages”. (p34 Steinbeck 2006). Curley’s spouse constantly wanders around the ranch in look for someone to talk to. However, the cattle ranch workers remain cautious of her as they think she will just give them trouble. Curley’s spouse is separated, self absorbed and a dreamer. Curley doesn’t seem to have any respect for his wife at all, Sweet tells George (Steinbeck p30) why Curley wears just one glove on his hand which is soaked in Vaseline so it is kept soft for his spouse and George discovers this horrible.

This is breaking down to her as she is just there for his satisfaction. She is simply a spouse who is a prize to display hence the saying ‘prize better half’. Dreams are greatly involved in this book. Like lots of characters in the book, Curley’s spouse also has a dream. She dreams of being a film star. She seems attempting to get the men into trouble however her dreams and frustrations show that she is lonesome like the other individuals on the ranch. She hated her upbringing, so when a man informed her she had the prospective to be a film star and he would be in touch, lastly she found a way out.

Nevertheless, being a young naive woman like she was, she succumbed to his story and she never heard and even saw the guy once again. Rather of Hollywood and all its glam, she wound up weding young and getting caught on the cattle ranch. Being the only female there and no one to talk with makes you emphasise with her and soften towards her and feel her loneliness. Curley is not interested in her dream and there is only one individual she informs her dream to and that is Lennie. I believe she tells ennie since she understands he doesn’t comprehend what’s going on and it goes through one ear and out the other but at least she’s informing somebody her dream even if they don’t rather comprehend however ironically the one person she informs is the very same person who takes it away for good. John Steinbeck makes very good use of dreams throughout the novel. Each character is shown to have greater depth than we might have anticipated and we have the ability to see how lonesome and dissatisfied their lives are through the quite modest aspirations that they have.

The guys appear to want security in their lives whereas Curley’s better half wishes to leave from the dullness and lonesomeness that surrounds her and get rid of the title ‘Curley’s wife’. Although Curley’s better half might be considered fixed, she does not change throughout the novel Curley’s partner is important to the plot. Therefore, she is not merely “unnamed” because she is unimportant. Curley’s partner is unnamed for numerous factors. She is first and for most not worthy of a name. A name suggests that a relationship can exist.

Curley’s spouse is not efficient in a relationship; she is not worthy. With a name likewise comes identification and familiarity. If we were to feel any sort of compassion for Curley’s better half, we may not comprehend or appreciate Lennie’s function in her death. We may really care that she is dead. There is likewise the historical function of females in society. As an author of social concerns, Steinbeck desires the reader to recognize the inferior role of ladies worldwide. The lack of name demotes Curley’s wife to irrelevant status.

She is not as crucial as the males in the story. Curley’s other half is really flirty. In reality she is so flirtatious that the farmers describe her as ‘having the eye’. The males see her in the cattle ranch as the cause of many issues like her hubby’s short heated attitude and the worry that they will be sacked. But as the story is about to reach its climax, she starts to include more intricacy to her own character by letting Lennie in on her dreams, what she is all about. Here she exposes that she does not have the eye at all but she is simply lonesome.

She says that she dislikes Curley since he is constantly annoyed and so she happens the farm to escape and discover someone that she can talk with. In this conversation with Lennie she informs him the dream that she had for herself. She dreamed of ending up being a well-known actress and she would have wanted to reside in Hollywood. However similar to much of the other characters her dream went unrealised. So rather of being a starlet living a glamorous life in Hollywood, she is stuck residing in a cattle ranch with an other half that she actually doesn’t like, living in a ranch full of isolation not havin