Of Mice and Men: Discrimination

Of Mice and Guy: Discrimination

!.?.!? Of Mice and Male: Discrimination ‘”Why ain’t you desired?” Lennie asked. “‘Cause I’m black. They play cards in there, but I can’t play because I’m black. They state I stink.’ (p. 68) Discrimination is the treatment of an individual based upon the group, class, or classification to which that individual belongs. Discrimination is demonstrated in Of Mice and Guys often times throughout the book with Lennie, Curley’s other half, and Scoundrels. Each one of these characters experience discrimination in the book and it can be connected to our lives today. Lennie is a man who is often misjudged by his size in Of Mice and Male.

Lennie is mentally disabled and due to the fact that of this, the men on the cattle ranch often refer to him as a “insane bastard.” Lennie is typically left out from “nights out” or things the other guys are doing. Many people simply misunderstand Lennie and evaluate him right away. For instance, when George and Lennie were kicked out of Weed, it was because Lennie had actually gotten a lady’s dress, just to feel. The female misconstrued this action and implicated him of rape. Lennie didn’t release her dress only because the lady’s shouting frightened him.

Lennie is victimized in this method since of how he is misinterpreted. George constantly knew that Lennie never did anything bad “out of meanness” which is why he stayed with him; to keep him from entering problem. When Lennie inadvertently eliminated Curley’s wife, Curley didn’t comprehend Lennie and the situations that remained in the event. Curly simply wanted to shoot him in the stomach and make him suffer. George understood what had actually happened and comprehended, however in the end chose to kill him painlessly to protect him.

Another example of discrimination protests Curley’s other half. She is victimized since of her flirty character. The men on the ranch neglect her and never desire anything to do with her because she is Curley’s other half and Curley snaps quickly, especially when it involves his other half. The men at the ranch all believe that she tries to seduce them and then in charge would fire them. Curley’s partner is only allowed to speak with Curley and constantly feels lonesome because of it. She doesn’t like Curley and doesn’t delight in being wed to him.

Curley’s spouse is typically misunderstood comparable to Lennie. When she is in the barn with Lennie she stated to him, “Wha’s the matter with me? Ain’t I got a right to talk with nobody? Whatta they think I am, anyways? You’re a nice person. I don’t know why I can’t talk to you. I ain’t doin’ no damage to you.” After she tells this to Lennie, he attempts to tell her that George informed him not to speak to her due to the fact that she was difficulty. She is just lonely, nevertheless, she picked to live like that to attempt to escape her issues The last example of discrimination is from Crooks.

Criminals was never ever called by his genuine name and provided the name Scoundrels because of his handicap. Prior To Lennie and George got to the farm, we were told that Crooks was kicked in the back by a horse and because he was a black steady employee, he not taken to the medical professional. Since he was never taken to a doctor, his back was permanently jagged, for that reason the name “crooks”. Crooks is made to sleep alone in the barn, with the animals and segregated from everybody else. Sweet made a comment to him early in the book stating, “Need to be nice to have a space all to yourself in this manner. And Crooks said, “Sure. And a manure pile under the window. Sure, it’s swell.” Criminals ended up being extremely bitter and lonesome in this story due to the fact that of his discrimination/segregation from everybody else. Scoundrels was a victim of the most common part of discrimination; bigotry. People discriminated against because of their distinctions and how they don’t suit. Lennie, Curley’s spouse, and Crooks are all misunderstood and discriminated against since of it. These are all examples from the characters of discrimination both in Of Mice and Male and reality.