Of Mice and Men Importance of Friendship George and Lennie

Of Mice and Male Importance of Friendship George and Lennie

Of Mice and Male Lennie

Lennie Of Mice and Male and relationship is one of themes provided by Steinbeck, one of which has to do with friendship. The novella reveals the relationship in between the lead characters, George and Lennie, and showing how they attempt to achieve the American Dream by working together. This is in contrast to much of the other characters who are alone on their own which appears to be the standard at the time of the Great Depression. The reader is able to look at how the need to have a companion is represented by Steinbeck, particularly during the severe economic times that the story is embeded in.

The dependence that George and Lennie have on one another is able to emphasize on how it is only the friendship between the 2 of them which enables them to endure. Lennie stating ‘I got you to take care of me, and you got me to take care of you.’ is underlying the real reliance that both George and Lennie have for one another. Lennie also sees his buddy ‘he pulled his hat down more over his eyes the way George’s hat was.’ as a role model and sees him as assistance as to how to live his own life. George requires Lennie as much as Lennie requires George in spite of Lennie being the one who is psychologically challenged and in need of constant supervising.

Steinbeck also utilizes the character Lennie to refer to how it should society needs to be jointly taking care of the susceptible in society instead of George having to look after him by himself. Therefore the reliance of each of the main characters on one another stresses how essential the friendship is in keeping both them and the novella together. The friendship is also depicted by Steinbeck as he is opposing the idea of individuals working simply by themselves. “People like us, that deal with cattle ranches, are the loneliest guys worldwide. They got no family.

They belong no location … they ain’t got nothing to expect. ” is showing what Steinbeck sees of the idea of itinerant workers being on their own. This is in spite of the truth it would have much likely to be simpler throughout the time of the Great Anxiety to be by yourself and have a sustinent way of living. Yet Steinbeck emphasizes friendship by looking at how unhappy the people who are by themselves are. The truth that Lennie who can just understand fundamental concepts is able to see the migrant employees as ‘lonely’ goes to explain how a companion is needed to be able to live a happy life.

They are also stated to have ‘absolutely nothing to expect,’ which counters the concept that people have the ability to achieve the American Dream just through effort and determination from ‘rags to riches’. As a pair they are breaking the ideology of ‘every man for himself’ which is preached as w Hence George and Lennie being together can be seen to show how they are better to attaining the dream as a result of being able to collaborate. They are able to share the dream in between one another which makes it a serious possibility.

The circular story which then destroys the dream just makes it more terrible as it seems as if they had a possibility however there never was. This is what Steinbeck uses to weaken the idea of the American Dream for it is not even practical regardless of co-operation. Therefore due to the economic anxiety, Steinbeck reveals that friendship is important to be able to cope through the hard times The friendship is likewise important in comparing to other characters in the novella that are illustrated as lonely as well as being the susceptible in society.

Curley’s wife is viewed as among the most isolated characters ‘Believe I do not like to talk to someone ever every now and then.’ for all she desires is attention and for individuals to notice her. The reality that she has no-one to be with is what leads her to acting in a promiscuous manner and eventually this is also a cause of her death. Thus the make every effort to be delighted without a pal can be fatal. Criminals is likewise an individual who strives for relationship,’S’position you didn’t have nobody. S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk home and play rummy ’cause you was black.’ but it is not able to get it since of his color.

This is also emphasizes the oppressive nature of society at the time because Crooks is lonely for he has actually been segregated. Although the majority of the men have no true good friends, they a minimum of get to play cards and connect with others. Lennie, since of the color of his skin and his friendship with George, can not perhaps comprehend Crooks’ predicament. George selects to kill Lennie at the book’s end, understanding that Lennie could not stand the isolation of being locked up in a prison or an asylum. This is likewise able to highlight the real relationship which is separated at the end which also brings an end to the novella.

Thus the need for companionship, which is shown by other characters that are taken advantage of within society, is emphasized as other pursue what George and Lennie have. Throughout the book Steinbeck utilizes numerous characters to highlight a message which he wishes to make clear to the reader. This is how the importance of being able to share a good friend was essential during the 1930’s as it was the time of the Anxiety period and everyone constantly required someone else to be with. This is what makes the real friendship between George and Lennie an essential component of the novella.