Of Mice and Men – in What Ways Could This Novel

Steinbeck makes it clear that most the employees on the cattle ranch are lonely, as working in a cattle ranch is effort and no one actually wants to work actually tough every day Simply to consume and endure, so you can say that individuals working In the cattle ranch have no alma In life, living short-lived lives, oath beaten by tough boys down from the cattle ranches to swim In the deep swimming pool, and “A beaten tough by tramps”.

Likewise as Leonie and George needed to walk long way to the ranch or to work this may have been the case for lots of individuals in the ‘ass as that was the time of the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash In where the economy of the USA fell and everybody was out of tasks and cash, you can say that this is tragic In some method as it shows how tough individuals tried Simply to find work and how the Anxiety bought isolation onto individuals of the ASSAI. Some people in the ranch vive more lonely lives than others.

One of the loneliest persons on the cattle ranch needs to be Curly partner.

As she Is the only females on the ranch she feels Separated and overlooked from the guys and feels various. Also nobody really wishes to speak with her as she is the spouse of in charge’s kid and no one talks with her out of worry of entering into a battle with Curly who has power upon the cattle ranch to fire individuals as he is the one in charge’s child and the workers did not wish to get fired as there were no Jobs around. This can be seen as awful as If a worker Is accidentally seen communicating with Curly partner Curly will ant him fired or will wish to combat him as Curly is seen as a character as aggressive.

Likewise Curry’s other half is seen as a “flirt” or simply desires attention as she is the only female on the cattle ranch, however Curly does not want her to speak to anyone. As she has no female friends on the ranch, guys are her only choice, but they do not wish to talk with her. So this really irritates her and makes her lonesome. Even believed Curry’s wife is mentioned throughout the book, she is never called by her name, from her absence of an individual definition you can state that the men on the ranch don’t see her a typical human being UT as an “object”. She says to Leonie “Think I do not like to speak with someone ever every so often? This reveals that she is attempting to tell Leonie that she is desperate to speak with someone and have a friend that she can Just talk to, you can say this is tragic as Curry’s other half can’t even have one of life’s most basic things “a discussion” or a good friend. However, she thinks that one day she would make It to the movies and become an actor, “l Alan used to level like this. I could made something of myself … Maybe I will yet.” due to the fact that of this extreme loneliness she wants to think about herself as having a true ahead of her, however in reality she does not.

So she is residing in 2 various lives, however in truth she Is living in an uninteresting ranch with no one to talk to. You can state this Is awful as the cattle ranch brings individuals hope up Into thinking that they will succeed one day however in reality the ranch squashes this dream and the employees on the ranch will 1 OFF Another point about Curly spouse is she escapes all this “loneliness” by dying, when she is eliminated by Leonie, Steinbeck composes, and “The meanness and the planning of the discontent and the pains for attention were all gone from her face.

This means that Curly wife is dead and now she looks pleased when she is dead as she has actually left from being lonesome. This can be seen as awful as you can state that the only escape from solitude is death. Another character that can be seen as lonely is Crooks. Crooks suffers from isolation because he is the only black individual on the ranch, and black individuals suffered lots of racial abuse from white individuals in the ‘ass because black individuals didn’t have human rights. Likewise he lives by himself as nobody likes him as he is black, this makes Crooks even lonelier.

Scoundrels does not take part in any social activity in the cattle ranch, he is so lonesome that he relies on reading books in his spare time. Steinbeck reveals Crooks character someone who is desperate for company, however Crooks really does not show it. This can be seen as tragic as everyone is racist to Crooks on the ranch and no one likes him. Also when Leonie enters Crooks room, Crooks talk with Leonie despite the fact that he understands that Leonie doesn’t comprehend him as much, but still continues to talk as he is “not lonesome’ any more as he has someone to talk to.

Crooks states, “A guy goes nuts if he ant got nobody … I tell method a person gets too lonesome and he gets ill.” This reveals that he knows what it resembles to be lonely and what it can do to someone, this can be seen as awful as nobody must truly know what it really feels like to be neglected and lonely for a long time despite the fact that there are constantly individuals around you and those individuals overlook you for something that you do not select to have– the color of your skin.

Another character that is depicted as lonely by Steinbeck is Sweet. Sweet is an old man who is physically disabled and who utilized to work on the cattle ranch, he is disabled due to an accident in the past. You can state that sweet is lonesome since he is old and nobody truly wishes to become good friends with someone who is old, also Candy just companionship was his pet that got shot in the back of his head due to the fact that he was getting old and ineffective Much like Sweet.

As Sweet now has no pals he over hears Leonie and George discuss their “dream location”, as Sweet wants to escape this isolation he wants to Sign up with Leonie and George in their dream place, so Sweet uses his saving towards the dream location and making it a “truth’. “Expose I went in with you guys.” This reveals that Candy is fed up from being in the ranch and wants to escape his past; also he understood he was going to be sacked quickly as he old and can not work so he put his money into the “Dream location”.

This can be seen as awful as you can say that people will provide all their money away to get away from isolation, and you can state that cash does not constantly bring joy. Another character that can be viewed as lonesome is Curly, even though he has a wife. No one truly likes him in the ranch as he is aggressive and he likes to tower above the workers on the ranch, this leads to Curly having no buddies in the cattle ranch, likewise Curly goes to the whorehouse home despite the fact that he has an other half, you can say that his better half may not like him that much or please him so he turns to the whorehouse.

This is terrible as Curly wants to be appreciated and to be seen as somebody with power, nobody him, likewise as Curly is intimidated by larger men, he dislikes Leonie who is twice his size, as Lien’s character is seen by the workers on the ranch as “innocent” and childlike” the workers appear to take Lien’s side when Curly attacks Leonie out of disappointment and anger.

Curly as a character can be seen as tragic as no one actually likes him and he has no real buddies and nobody seems to respect him but only fear him due to the fact that of his position in the ranch, even his own spouse doesn’t truly like him as Curly always manages her and makes her feel lonesome in her own methods and Curly even needs to go to a sibling to satisfy his sexual requirements despite the fact that he has a spouse, from this you can say that Curly is genuinely lonely.

Another character that is represented as lonesome towards the end of the book is George, as he killed Leonie, you can state that he now has no burden on his shoulders any more, but you can also say that George now has no real friend and will now suffer solitude like the other males on the cattle ranch. This could be viewed as terrible as George eliminated Leonie out of “Love” and did Leonie as favor as Leonie would’ve been sent to a mental asylum and in the ‘ass asylums were bad places to be, so George did something out of “Love” and now suffers isolation and not having a real good friend.

So in conclusion solitude is seen awful in a number of ways in this book and Steinbeck utilizes lots of methods to leave loneliness; such as death, giving away all your possessions, and even relying on books. Also doing something you may think is good will bring something bad, like when George killing Leonie out of love and friendship, George will now experience isolation, So “Solitude” in Of Mice and Male is a significant style as all the characters are impacted by it and Steinbeck shows all the catastrophes of loneliness and he likewise reveals what individuals would do Simply to leave this “Loneliness”.