Of Mice and Men: Is Curley’s Wife a Victim or Villian?

Of Mice and Male: Is Curley’s Spouse a Victim or Villian?John Steinbeck provides Curley’s other half at the start of the story as an unimportant character due to the fact that she has no relation with George and Lennie. At the start, Curley is one of the most crucial characters(besides George and Lennie )since he has the power to crush George and Lennie’s dream of having a farm of your own. But as the story goes on, to end, we see the significance of her character which whatever that has actually taken place on the cattle ranch is caused by her existence; although she is not in the story as much as others, she has a long-term impact on the other characters. She is pointed out in the story a lot due to the fact that of how she would acted around the males operating in

the ranch. In the end, we understood Lennie and George were not going to get a farm of their own due to the fact that of how Lennie is drown to problem all the time however we eventually learn that it’s Curly’s better half that squashes George and Lennie’s dreams when Lennie eliminates her. Again her existence triggered a great deal of difficulty in the ranch which additionally kills Lennie and their dream. She is a defined as a bad guy by how she is pruned to flirt and looks for attention from anybody she encounters.

She is racist and suggest to some of the employees e. g. Scoundrels and Sweet, due to the fact that she knows despite the fact that she is not liked; she has the power to make their lives a living hell. She is likewise thought about a victim since before she dies, she speaks to Lennie about how she had all these dreams about ending up being an actress and being famous; and as the reader we see her real self and we see that deep down she is a kind and charming person. We then know that she is just flirtatious and imply to the men due to the fact that she is just trying to have bond with someone since Curly has actually commanded her not

to speak to anybody; this made her lonesome and bitter. Her racist remarks to Criminals wasn’t only due to the fact that of her bitter behaviour, however due to the fact that in her times black people were not treated well anyhow. Steinbeck presents Curly’s other half as a problem maker and a bug however he likewise made her a really intricate character and in the end we find out she is one of the most essential character in the whole story since it only takes her presence to thrill the audience. Paragraph one Curly’s other half is required in the novel to create thriller and drama with the guys, which eventually makes the story a lot more fascinating.

Because she is incredibly flirtatious with practically everybody in the ranch, her husband, Curly gets jealous and angry; this would probably cause the workers to fear him more due to the fact that in that state of anger, he might fire them which could render them homeless and foodless causing them to suffer on the streets or perhaps pass away. Curly’s spouse is an extremely interesting and intricate character to understand due to the fact that we immediately believe that she is simply flirty and a bad wife to Curly however as the story goes on we understand that it’s not all her fault that she is like that and I think that Steinbeck is trying to put across is that females were not treated well; an example of this is the most apparent and unnoticed sign is her name, though out the entire novel we understand and call her ‘Curley’s partner’since nobody appreciates her adequate to call her by her real name. Also the only other women discussed in the book are the stripper, who we likewise do not know the names of and Auntie Clara who raised lennie up before she passed away, this reveals that women were seen with

no respect when this book was composed and that males were represented dominate amongst the two genders. Curly’s better half establishes the plot by just being there, we find out that she is still a bit brand-new at the ranch and currently she has got all the males talking and considering her in a terrible way, but I think that the majority of them also consider her in a sexual way since she is lovely and the only ladies they would see in the day(besides the strippers on the Friday journey to the bar)so it would have been expected of them to believe that; however they would not mention it due to the fact that they don’t wasn’t the other employees thinking that they have bad taste in ladies or something comparable to that and likewise the reality that she is wed to the boss’s boy, who might fire them from the cattle ranch if he hears that a person of the works has sensations for his wife. Steinbeck also explains the problems worldwide by using Curly’s better half, everything Curly’s wife has actually stated or done and not even done shows the reader how the world was like then and how it has actually altered a lot now. Sexism and bigotry were 2 of the most important factors Curly’s other half gave the unique, we see how women were treated with no regard and were just considered as just objects without any feelings and they were for guys

to push around; we also see that this truly impacts curly’s wife by the reality that the only way for her to get seen, is to imitate flirtatious and suggest to everyone. Bigotry is approached in the unique by the fact that scoundrels is not treated the like everyone else, curly’s better half calls him a racist name and threatens to hang him if he back chat her again. This reveals that even though females were treated terribly, however black individuals were treated worse. Maybe some ladies revealed their anger with society and how they were dealt with on black individuals because in Steinbeck’s days, nobody would care if you mistreat a black individual. In the unique practically everyone has a dream and in the end, everyone’s dreams are crushed since of curly’s wife existence. Life was tough in George and Lennie’s times and the only way for people to stay hopeful was to develop a dream that will motivate them to keep living; mainly everyone’s dream was to own a farm of their own and to have a simple life where they do not need to work in the fields for food or cash.

George and lennie had this dream, of having a farm of their own and since of them, criminals and sweet likewise became enthusiastic for this dream to come real. Curly’s wife likewise had a dream of prospering and popular through acting but her dream did not become a reality and been through a lot prior to she determined that her dream is less likely to come true. When curly’s other half makes her first appearance, Steinbeck describes as this beautiful women with good clothing and a quite face. She uses a great deal of red like the girl lennie abused which Steinbeck planned to foreshadow Curley’s spouse death. George had a bad feeling about her due to the fact that of the method she was flouting her body around to get their attention, her effort to get among the males’s attention worked as lennie fell upon her spell. I think that steinback picked’s to present curly’s better half at that time since lennie and George have simply put the event with the little girl in the red dress behind them and her appearance has foreshadowed occasions that might lead them to a lot of problem like last time. Steinbeck utilizes a variety of imaginative language to explain Curley’s better half when we first see her to make the reader imagine her as a beautiful young lady. He explains her has actually heavily made up, large spaced eyes, nasal brittle voice with red fingernails. This makes her appear like she is trying too difficult to be beautiful, as the reader we can see why they call her a tart due to the fact that she is seeking excessive attention to herself when she is married, she also throws her body forward in the scene that makes her look much more of a tart. Likewise she utilize’s verbal remarks to make other feel worse about themselves so she can feel better about herself, this makes her look like a villain.

We can also see her as a victim due to the fact that the only reason people would look for attention due to the fact that her other half wasn’t the good friend she was hoping for and she is not getting adequate attention from him. Also she is only permitted to say in your home so she can’t make any buddies of her own and she is judge too quickly since she has actually only been on the ranch for 2 weeks. Steinbeck Is revealing us that women didn’t have much say in decisions that worried them, which made women feel unimportant. She also is called a girl when she is explained which might mean that she is too young to be wed and the reason she uses excessive makeup is to hide her true self from the remainder of the males and herself. The very first time we find out about Curley’s spouse was when Candy calls her a tart since of how she is constantly flirty with the other males, and honestly most of the males on the cattle ranch consider her as a tart who ought to be more reasonable since she is wed. This reflection of her is not 100%true however what the other see her as. In the unique, the storyteller never calls her a tart because Steinbeck is attempting to reveal us that her being a tart is only the perspective of the men and is not a reality. I believe Steinbeck did this due to the fact that he wants to show the reader how quickly ladies were judge on their actions then the males, for instance if a man slept with a females without ruining her, he would not be judge as much if it was a lady who slept with somebody before marriage. Her relationship with Curley isn’t the normal’new wed’ circumstance but simply pointless. It is extremely clear to the reader that there is no genuine emotions to this relationship we never see them kiss or

even hang around with each other. When she was talking with lennie, she spoke about her hopes and dreams for the future and how she felt trapped living with her mother, she also says that males have actually said to her that she was ‘a natural ‘and one man stated he will compose to her from Hollywood, they also went to riverside dance palace which might indicate that he slept with her so she can believe that he will compose however he didn’t, this makes her seem gullible. urley’s wife suspected that her mother concealed the letters so she won’t go to Hollywood, this caused curley’s partner to leave her mom which exact same night she fulfilled curley and married him to be devoid of the trap she remained in; however unfortunately she ended up being a lot more trap then previously. On page 97 she informs lennie that she doesn’t like and on page 89 she states’I’m grateful you bust up Curley a bit. He got it comin’to him. Sometimes I ‘d like to bust him myself’. This reaction on Curley’s injury might perhaps suggest that Curley aggravates her and probably strikes her on events. Her relationship with slim is extremely friendly however flirtatious at the same time. e discover their relationship the exact same time curly’s spouse made her first look; the reason steinback presented their relationship at that time is due to the fact that prior to we meet curly’s wife we find out that curly is an aggressive character and the kind of person who would get envious over a little matter. We also find out that he understands boxing which would make him positive when it comes to a fight. I believe without curly’s spouse, lennie won’t of died but is obviously clear that his death was unavoidable; if it wasn’t curly’s other half, then it was going to be another person’s life lost at Lennie’s hands eventually killing him while doing so however he will not of died at the end of the unique if Curley’s better half didn’t not die. I believe the most remarkable part of the novel was when Curley’s partner and lennie had a minute of joy and peace together bother she died because at that point we see her real self and how see was simply a regular girl who made bad choses in her life. We likewise see that all she desired was to have a buddy to talk about her feelings. She was lonely like everyone else; isolation had an enormous part to play in the unique as everybody was lonely, Curley’s wife, scoundrels, sweet after his canine passed away and George after lennie passed away. I believe that candy’s canine foreshowed Lennie’s death due to the fact that the dag was like lennie, tough to cope with and candy is like George, alone when lennie passed away. I believe Steinbeck revealed us Curley’s better half real self before her death since he desired us to feel pit and sorrow for her and to make us feel guilty with ourselves for judging her so rapidly and to think badly of her. We also feel happy due to the fact that we believe that she will stop her video games with the other men and start being herself however as we continue reading, we see that the delighted ending we truly wanted for Curley’s spouse, lennie and George and the rest of the guys will die right in front of their eyes as lennie kills curley’s wife. At this moment the reader feels anger and pity towards her death since we wanted her to make her dream come true and we likewise understand that lennie and George’s imagine a farm of their own is also never becoming a reality. We also realise that the other guys on the ranch will never understand how good and caring Curley’s other half was and they will constantly remember her as trouble and a tart. Total I believe that Steinbeck developed Curley’s spouse to demonstrate how mistreated the women of 1930’s were dealt with and this teaches us that ladies were judge and discussed in a terrible way. We likewise discover that their relationships with their partners are not as easy as they are now because in the 1930’s, males had a lot of say in the relationship and it was custom-made to females to feel the orders the guys have commanded them to do. I believe Steinbeck desired us to feel sympathy to Curley’s partner because she has actually been though a lot in her brief life and that she died through her act of compassion makes us feel sorry for her. I think that Steinbeck wanted us to ultimately see her as a victim in this entire novel due to the fact that she is treated terribly and that nobody wishes to talk to her, not even her partner. Steinbeck wasn’t trying to be sexist but wish to reveal his readers who severely women were dealt with and how small things can have huge consequences in life.