Of Mice and Men: Is Curley’s Wife a Victim or Villian?

Of Mice and Men: Is Curley’s Partner a Victim or Villian?John Steinbeck provides Curley’s partner at the start of the story as an irrelevant character since she has no relation with George and Lennie. At the start, Curley is one of the most essential characters(besides George and Lennie )due to the fact that he has the power to squash George and Lennie’s imagine having a farm of your own. But as the story goes on, to end, we see the significance of her character which everything that has happened on the cattle ranch is brought on by her existence; despite the fact that she is not in the story as much as others, she has a long-term effect on the other characters. She is discussed in the story a lot due to the fact that of how she would acted around the males operating in

the cattle ranch. In the end, we knew Lennie and George were not going to get a farm of their own because of how Lennie is drown to problem all the time but we eventually discover that it’s Curly’s partner that crushes George and Lennie’s dreams when Lennie kills her. Once again her existence triggered a great deal of difficulty in the ranch which in addition eliminates Lennie and their dream. She is a specified as a villain by how she is pruned to flirt and seeks attention from anybody she discovers.

She is racist and indicate to some of the workers e. g. Criminals and Candy, since she knows even though she is not liked; she has the power to make their lives a living hell. She is also thought about a victim since before she dies, she talks to Lennie about how she had all these dreams about becoming an actress and being well-known; and as the reader we see her true self and we see that deep down she is a kind and beautiful individual. We then understand that she is just flirtatious and indicate to the guys due to the fact that she is simply attempting to have bond with someone due to the fact that Curly has commanded her not

to speak to anybody; this made her lonesome and bitter. Her racist remarks to Scoundrels wasn’t just since of her bitter behaviour, however because in her times black individuals were not dealt with well anyhow. Steinbeck provides Curly’s partner as a problem maker and a bug but he also made her an extremely complicated character and in the end we learn she is one of the most essential character in the whole story since it only takes her existence to thrill the audience. Paragraph one Curly’s spouse is required in the novel to create thriller and drama with the guys, which ultimately makes the story a lot more fascinating.

Because she is exceptionally flirty with nearly everybody in the cattle ranch, her other half, Curly gets jealous and upset; this would probably trigger the workers to fear him more since because state of anger, he might fire them which could render them homeless and foodless triggering them to suffer on the streets and even pass away. Curly’s better half is a really intriguing and complicated character to comprehend because we immediately think that she is just flirty and a bad wife to Curly however as the story goes on we comprehend that it’s not all her fault that she is like that and I think that Steinbeck is attempting to put across is that females were not dealt with well; an example of this is the most obvious and unnoticed sign is her name, though out the entire book we understand and call her ‘Curley’s spouse’since no one appreciates her sufficient to call her by her true name. Also the only other women discussed in the book are the stripper, who we also do not know the names of and Aunt Clara who raised lennie up prior to she died, this shows that females were seen with

no regard when this book was composed which guys were represented dominate among the two genders. Curly’s wife develops the plot by just existing, we find out that she is still a bit new at the cattle ranch and already she has got all the guys talking and thinking of her in an awful way, however I think that the majority of them likewise think about her in a sexual way because she is stunning and the only women they would see in the day(besides the strippers on the Friday trip to the bar)so it would have been expected of them to believe that; however they would not mention it since they don’t wasn’t the other employees believing that they have bad taste in women or something similar to that and also the truth that she is married to the boss’s child, who might fire them from the ranch if he hears that one of the works has feelings for his better half. Steinbeck also describes the problems on the planet by using Curly’s wife, whatever Curly’s better half has said or done and not even done shows the reader how the world resembled then and how it has altered a lot now. Sexism and bigotry were two of the most essential factors Curly’s wife brought to the novel, we see how women were treated without any respect and were just considered as simply items without any feelings and they were for males

to boss around; we also see that this genuinely affects curly’s other half by the fact that the only way for her to get discovered, is to imitate flirtatious and suggest to everybody. Bigotry is approached in the novel by the fact that crooks is not treated the same as everybody else, curly’s spouse calls him a racist name and threatens to hang him if he back talk her again. This reveals that despite the fact that women were treated severely, but black individuals were dealt with even worse. Possibly some ladies revealed their anger with society and how they were dealt with on black individuals since in Steinbeck’s days, no one would care if you maltreat a black individual. In the novel nearly everybody has a dream and in the end, everyone’s dreams are crushed because of curly’s better half existence. Life was tough in George and Lennie’s times and the only way for people to remain enthusiastic was to create a dream that will encourage them to keep living; mainly everybody’s dream was to own a farm of their own and to have a simple life where they do not need to operate in the fields for food or cash.

George and lennie had this dream, of having a farm of their own and since of them, criminals and sweet also became hopeful for this dream to come real. Curly’s partner also had a dream of becoming rich and well-known through acting but her dream did not become a reality and been through a lot prior to she figured out that her dream is less likely to come true. When curly’s wife makes her first look, Steinbeck describes as this beautiful females with great clothes and a pretty face. She uses a great deal of red like the girl lennie abused which Steinbeck planned to foreshadow Curley’s other half death. George had a bad feeling about her due to the fact that of the way she was flouting her body around to get their attention, her attempt to get one of the men’s attention worked as lennie fell upon her spell. I think that steinback chose’s to introduce curly’s other half at that time due to the fact that lennie and George have just put the occurrence with the little girl at a loss gown behind them and her look has actually foreshadowed events that might lead them to a great deal of trouble like last time. Steinbeck uses a range of innovative language to explain Curley’s better half when we initially see her to make the reader picture her as a beautiful girl. He describes her has greatly made up, broad spaced eyes, nasal fragile voice with red fingernails. This makes her appear like she is attempting too tough to be gorgeous, as the reader we can see why they call her a tart due to the fact that she is seeking excessive attention to herself when she is wed, she also throws her body forward in the scene that makes her look much more of a tart. Also she use’s verbal remarks to make other feel worse about themselves so she can feel better about herself, this makes her appear like a villain.

We can also see her as a victim since the only reason people would seek attention since her spouse wasn’t the pal she was hoping for and she is not getting sufficient attention from him. Likewise she is just permitted to state in your house so she can’t make any pals of her own and she is judge too rapidly due to the fact that she has just been on the ranch for 2 weeks. Steinbeck Is revealing us that women didn’t have much say in choices that worried them, which made females feel unimportant. She likewise is called a girl when she is described which might indicate that she is too young to be married and the factor she uses too much make-up is to conceal her true self from the rest of the guys and herself. The very first time we hear about Curley’s better half was when Candy calls her a tart because of how she is constantly flirtatious with the other men, and honestly the majority of the men on the ranch think about her as a tart who should be more sensible due to the fact that she is married. This reflection of her is not 100%true however what the other see her as. In the novel, the storyteller never ever calls her a tart because Steinbeck is trying to reveal us that her being a tart is just the viewpoint of the men and is not a truth. I think Steinbeck did this since he wishes to show the reader how easily women were judge on their actions then the guys, for example if a man slept with a women without marring her, he would not be judge as much if it was a female who slept with somebody before marriage. Her relationship with Curley isn’t the typical’new wed’ scenario however just meaningless. It is really clear to the reader that there is no genuine emotions to this relationship we never see them kiss or

even spend time with each other. When she was speaking to lennie, she discussed her hopes and dreams for the future and how she felt trapped dealing with her mother, she also says that males have actually stated to her that she was ‘a natural ‘and one male said he will compose to her from Hollywood, they also went to riverside dance palace which could indicate that he slept with her so she can think that he will write but he didn’t, this makes her seem gullible. urley’s other half suspected that her mom hid the letters so she won’t go to Hollywood, this triggered curley’s wife to leave her mother and that very same night she fulfilled curley and married him to be devoid of the trap she was in; however unfortunately she became a lot more trap then previously. On page 97 she informs lennie that she does not like and on page 89 she states’I’m delighted you bust up Curley a little bit. He got it comin’to him. Often I ‘d like to bust him myself’. This response on Curley’s injury might perhaps indicate that Curley irritates her and most likely strikes her on occasions. Her relationship with slim is really friendly however flirtatious at the same time. e find out about their relationship the exact same time curly’s wife made her very first look; the factor steinback presented their relationship at that time is because prior to we satisfy curly’s better half we learn that curly is an aggressive character and the kind of individual who would get jealous over a small matter. We also discover that he knows boxing which would make him confident when it comes to a fight. I think without curly’s partner, lennie will not of passed away however is certainly clear that his death was inevitable; if it wasn’t curly’s wife, then it was going to be somebody else’s life lost at Lennie’s hands ultimately eliminating him while doing so however he will not of passed away at the end of the unique if Curley’s other half didn’t not die. I think the most significant part of the novel was when Curley’s spouse and lennie had a moment of joy and peace together bother she died because at that point we see her real self and how see was simply a typical girl who made bad choses in her life. We also see that all she desired was to have a pal to talk about her feelings. She was lonesome like everyone else; isolation had a huge part to play in the unique as everybody was lonesome, Curley’s better half, crooks, candy after his pet dog died and George after lennie died. I believe that candy’s canine foreshowed Lennie’s death because the dag was like lennie, challenging to cope with and sweet is like George, alone when lennie died. I believe Steinbeck showed us Curley’s other half true self prior to her death due to the fact that he desired us to feel pit and sorrow for her and to make us feel guilty with ourselves for evaluating her so rapidly and to believe poorly of her. We also rejoice because we believe that she will stop her video games with the other guys and start being herself but as we keep reading, we see that the pleased ending we really wanted for Curley’s better half, lennie and George and the rest of the males will die right in front of their eyes as lennie kills curley’s spouse. At this moment the reader feels anger and pity towards her death due to the fact that we desired her to make her dream come to life and we also know that lennie and George’s imagine a farm of their own is likewise never ever becoming a reality. We also understand that the other guys on the cattle ranch will never know how great and caring Curley’s spouse was and they will always remember her as difficulty and a tart. Overall I think that Steinbeck produced Curley’s spouse to show how mistreated the women of 1930’s were treated and this teaches us that females were judge and talked about in a terrible way. We likewise find out that their relationships with their other halves are not as simple as they are now because in the 1930’s, men had a great deal of say in the relationship and it was custom-made to women to feel the orders the men have actually commanded them to do. I believe Steinbeck desired us to feel sympathy to Curley’s spouse due to the fact that she has been though a lot in her short life and that she died through her act of kindness makes us sympathize with her. I believe that Steinbeck desired us to ultimately see her as a victim in this whole novel because she is treated terribly which no one wishes to talk with her, not even her spouse. Steinbeck wasn’t attempting to be sexist however wish to show his readers who terribly women were treated and how small things can have enormous consequences in life.