Of Mice and Men Paper

In John Steinbeck’s novel, “Of Mice and Guy”, this unclear concern develops on George’s choice. Did George make the ideal choice to kill Lenny at the end of the story? There are lots of reasons George decided to eliminate Lennie in the end; nevertheless, if George does not take the duty to eliminate Lennie, he would die anyhow. Since Lennie was young, he always struggled fitting in and fraternizing others because of his disability.

Consequently George eliminates Lennie because Lennie is George’s responsibility, Lennie is a risk to society, and George eliminates Lennie for self-centered factors.

Therefore the decision that George made was the best thing to do. First, it is George responsibility to look after Lennie. When Lennie’s auntie dies, George makes a guarantee to Aunt Clara to look after Lennie. “I told his old woman I ‘d look after him.” (Steinbeck 22) George feel that he should take care of Lennie’s mess, therefore When Lennie makes bad choice, George secure him. Next, George didn’t want anyone else to kill Lennie, similar to how Candy stated he wanted he could have shot his canine rather of somebody else.

George probably would not have actually had the ability to cope with himself if he permitted someone to kill Lennie out of hate or possibly abuse. George put Lennie in his “delighted location prior to he passes away unlike Curley who would’ve tortured Lennie. George simply couldn’t turn Lennie over to the police. For example what take place in weed and when Lennie break Curley’s hand but George didn’t. Also George kill since he understood that Lennie would not be able to deal with being separated from him. As depicted George Kills Lennie to protect him. Second, George did kill Lennie for selfish Reasons, because Lennie constantly got in problem.

He got in problem in weed.” ‘course he ain’t suggest but he gets in problem alla time since he’s so God damn dumb.” (Steinbeck 41)George kills Lennie for task security. He wants to be in no trouble and just work and get his pay” if I was alone I could live so simple. I might go get a job an’ work, an’ no problem. No mess at all, and when the end of the month comes I could take my fifty dollars and go into town and get whatever I desire.” (Steinbeck 11) And other selfish reason that pushes George to kill Lennie is that he wants liberty to do his own things to live by his own.

George believe life would be simple for him to live without Lennie. He stated “if I was alone I might live so easy.” “I might get a task an’ not have no mess” (Steinbeck 103) with Lennie dead George can work now in peace without getting in difficulty by Lennie and get that little location he was dreaming about. Last but not least, Lennie’s special needs threatens for the society. Lennie is so strong “… However I say he’s God damn great employee. He can set up a four hundred pound bale.” (Steinbeck 22) Lennie is so strong and he kill thing accidently. He kills Curley’s partner by mistake and he break Culrey’s hand.

Lennie is childlike he like to pet soft thing much like a child. He did not understand what a terrible thing that he did, he would have to answer for her death it isn’t like the mice or the young puppy that could simply be changed. Lennie forget things so quickly and George is the one is going to advise him whatever each time. He forgot that he did not have the word He forgot things that George informs him. And George got to advise him all the time. “o you fort hat awready, did you? I got ta inform you once again do I?” (Steinbeck 4) “I forgot … I attempted not got forget truthful to God I did, George. (Steinbeck 4) Overall there are numerous reasons why George decided to kill Lennie. It is George duty to take care of Lennie, Lennie’s disability threatens for the society, and George did eliminate Lennie for self-centered Factors. George knew what the future held for Lennie. He also understood that Lennie would never have the ability to understand what that required. Whatever the consequences of Lennie’s actions, George brand-new his actions were the lesser of two evils. And the other would not comprehend that and there are going to kill him no matter what. So he had no option. For that reason the choice that George made at the end of the novel was well made.