Of Mice and Men Prologue

The sun set through the window of the bar. A lady with bouncing brown ringlets and yellow feathers in her hair and deep blood red lips was set on a bar stool speaking to the bar tender, “I tell ya what Tony, one day I’ma be somethin’, you just see. I ain’t selliin you no baloney.

I’ma enter into town, get outta this hell hole and make something of myself. I wasn’t born to be a no one singin’ in a bar every night that’s for sure, I’ma make it big Tony. I’ma be in the images one day.”

“You need to stop dreamin kid. It ain’t gon na get you no place simply broken hearted. We all have our hopes an’ dreams, but nothin’ ever occurs. You best go prepare yourself now, you’re on in five.”

The lady was hardly 16 in her bright blue eyes, but was looking more than 25 in her low cut gleaming sun yellow gown. She mixed off her bar stool to the stage where she stood in front of her microphone dealing with the audience of big burly males shouting at each other, playing card video games, and drinking ale.

The guy on the piano began playing and the space went silent, all except one voice and a piano. The sweetest noise anybody because space had ever heard. The lady picked up all the guys’s eyes falling on her and she cherished the attention. She started to shake her hips and glide around the phase, lapping up the wolf whistles from all the men.

2 guys got in the bar, both the same height; One was a senior males, with white hair and a beard, the other just a little older than her. They stood apart amongst all the other guys in the room that were dressed in jeans. They were seated at the table right in front of the phase. The lady couldn’t take her eyes off the younger guy. Something about the mystery of him was giving her stomach butterflies.

She completed her program to a huge applause and yells from all the men apart from the two at the front who simply praised quietly. She took her place back at the bar, “state, Tony, what are them 2 doing here?” She pointed carefully at the males near the stage, “They certainly ain’t from this town, for sure.” Tony looked over and sighed, “Don’t understand who they think they are, flashin’ their stuff like they somethin’ special, folk like them got no organisation in places like this …” Tony rapidly stopped talking as he saw the youngest of the men walking over.

“Hey, my name is Rico Millegrew, I work for a talent agency. Me and my old male heard you were excellent and came to inspect it out, we ‘d like you to join our agency, try you out for acting, get you in the images, we seen what you can do with your singing and you’re quite a looker, we think you might actually go far.” The girl looked astonished, “What you tryna state?” Her face shone and the excitement grew inside her when she considered all the nice clothing and money she ‘d have. “Just give me your address and I’ll send out a letter out to you first thing”.

Tony who had been listening really carefully to the conversation slipped her a paper and a pen, “Lola, think what ya doing kid, it could be a rip-off, you find out about this kinda things all of the time, guys pretendin’ to be somethin’ they ain’t to benefit from girl like you.” Lola stared at him, “Shut up Tony! What do you understand? Simply ‘cuz you’re goin’ no place with your life do not imply you can try to mess up mine. I understand you desire me to remain here in this hell hole wit you ‘cuz you got no possibilities but I ain’t, you hear me? This is my chane, I’ma make it big Tony and after that we’ll see who was best!”

The anger flared in the lady’s eyes as she listened to the vicious words of her pal attempting to ruin her dream. In anger and excitement she doodled down her address and name and provided the paper to the man, “guarantee ya’ll compose, you much better make sure you compose to me now!” The guy took a look at the stressed out girl and murmured before leaving the bar with the other man. The woman got her coat and ran beneath the moonlight, all the method to her home.

She flung open the door, “Ma’!” she cried towards the middle aged morose looking female sat beside the fire rocking a cradle. The woman stared at her like she was mad as she informed her the story of the guys at the bar and how she was going to make something of herself. “You’re insane!” she screamed at the young girl, “You ain’t going nowhere, you’re too young, you do not think all of us have dreams? Well I had a dream when, look where I ended up! A single mother with six kids, and you screaming nonsense at me! Some life this is ain’t it!” The lady panted to catch her breath, “Stop bein’ so ludicrous, life ain’t a dream, life ain’t easy, you ain’t takin’ any easy route missy, you simply gon na end up like me and all the other ladies in this god abandoned town, a worthless no one, just helpful for poppin’ out children an’ your hubby runnin’ off with some low-cost lousy tart” The young girl was decreased to tears, she ran upstairs where she refused to come out of for days.

Lola invested 3, slow months awaiting the letter. She ‘d been panicking that it wasn’t coming, stressing she had offered the wrong details, blaming Tony for making her blow her top in front of them. After another 3 months, June was approaching. Ultimately, 6 months of waiting and blaming everybody for it not coming had made Lola understand there would never ever be a letter.

The hot sun gleamed through the bar window. Tony stood in his usual spot behind the bar cleansing glasses, he saw the tired dead eyes and flat dirty brown hair of the lady that had actually simply walked in wearing a dirt stained sun gown. After 6 months, Tony hardly recognised the woman that was looking at him and he instantly understood what had taken place, she never ever got the letter. He didn’t say anything, simply got her a beverage. “On the house.” He stated to Lola. She was baffled at his kindness after how she had actually treated him, “thank you,” she stated solemnly and gave him a weak smile. She took her drink and set at the bar till the sun set, drinking till she was half-dead.

“You have actually had enough Lola,” Tony said looking at the limp body sprawled throughout the bar, “you require to be getting off home.” He browsed the space for assistance and saw a little man with coarse wire hair standing near the bar, “you could not give me a hand now could you?” He asked the complete stranger. The stranger looked at the woman and stated “Sure. My name’s Curley by the way. This lady looks dead!” He put his arm around the girl and Tony did the exact same, “NO!” she yelled, “No, I’m not returning there! Not a chance in hell am I goin’ to return!” The men looked at each other dumb strucken, “State, my old male owns a cattle ranch not too far, why don’t she come keep up there for a few nights up until she gets herself arranged?” Tony didn’t understand what to state, “I expect she ‘d be alright, I’ve heard good things about the one in charge up at the ranch in Soledad.” The woman murmured a drunken plea, “Anythin’ but that location”, she said.

The guys took the girl outdoors and put her on a strong horse. Curley then went up and set behind her. “Ensure she’s alrigh’!” said Tony to Curley. Curley looked at Tony and smiled, “Oh don’t you fret, she’ll be great, I can sure load a punch to anyone that attempts to hurt her” he grinned. Tony was reassured and waved him off.