Of Mice And Men Report

Although Lennie from “of mice and Male” and Mrs. Jones from “Thank You Ma’am”are comparable in a manner the authors depict them as caring, there are diffrences in theses characters that assist readers comprehend crucial styles in the two stories. Lennie and Mrs.

Jones have little similarties, But yet have numerous diffrences There are some similarties in between Mrs. Jones The main characters in the twon storys. Both characters are understanding towards others. Lennie from “of Mice and Male” showed numerous supportive action towards other charcters and animals. (pg. 58)A bunnies, lennie said eargily; and id take care of them tell how id do that George” this revealed that lennie looked after bunnies. Mrs. Jones is Also extremely supportive for another.

She reveal sympathy by helping out a young kid who was in need of food and money. Mrs. Jones bring a young boy into her home and fixes him up a warmer of food. The boy had actually as soon as had actually tried taking from her, so she sees if she can rely on the young boy by turning her back towards he purse while she was cooking, to see if the boy would runaway with her bag. “(Pg. 9) Theres nobody house at my home,” said the kid. “Then we’ll eat stated the woman.”” I believe your hungry- or been hungry-to shot to snatch my pocket book.” Mrs. Jones notices that the kid probably had nobody around to buy food or purchase him clothes so she reveals sympenthy by assisting him out. Later we learn that the young boy was stealing to purchase some knew blue suaed shoes. Mrs. Jones gives hime 10 dallors, and trreaches him a very crucial life lesson. She reveals him that you don’t require to steal to get what you want you ask or either work to get what you want in life.

Despite Lennie and Mrs. Jones similarties they have extremely important diffrences. “Pg. 90) the female did watch her purse to see if the kid would runaway, nor did she enjoy her purse when she left it behind her bed.” This action shows that Mrs. Jones is intellegant Because she left among her great belongings behind her to test the young boy if he would runoff with her bag. In contrast, lennie also had diffrences from Mrs. Jones. A matter of reality Lennie would have some else speak for him for he was mentaly sluggish.

He was of say the wron thing and getting him self into problem. “(Pg. 62)What the hell you laughing at? Curly” “Lennie looked blankly at him, ‘huh? ‘” Lennie got him self into difficulty and curly began to swing on Lennie and lennie sobbed for George/ George yelled for lennie to eliminate back to safeguard himself and lennie did. This action revealed that Lennie wasn’t really intellegant to keep his mouth shut and be rather to himself. Also it shows how sluggish he is by having Gorege telling him What to do.