Of Mice and Men the Relationship Between George and Lennie in Chapter 1

Of Mice and Men the Relationship Between George and Lennie in Chapter 1

How does Steinbeck provide the relationship between George and Lennie in this chapter? The author John Steinbeck presents the relationship in between the two characters, George and Lennie in various ways as they are both different characters and have different personalities. He provides it like a parent and kid relationship, with George being the parent and Lennie the kid. As quickly as the reader is presented to George and Lennie Steinbeck tells us that, “They had actually strolled in single file down the course”. This immediately informs the reader of the sort of relationship in between George and Lennie, it does this by mentioning “file”.

This reminds us of a game called follow the leader. It likewise tells us that the person at the front (George) is accountable and the leader. We can likewise see this concept on page 5. When George states, “I ain’t sure it’s excellent water”. This again depicts the idea of George being the accountable, as he has to tell Lennie this and Lennie can’t inform himself. It likewise shows us that George is worried over Lennie’s health. This indicates that George has feelings for Lennie. We once again see the concept of Lennie resembling a child when on page sixteen he desires a story told to him again.

This tells us Lennie is kid like since this circumstance resembles a parent checking out a kid a bedtime story. After drinking from the pool, when they are rested on the hill Lennie mimics George’s actions “he pulled his hat down a little more over his eyes the method George’s hat was.” Our immediate analysis is that Lennie appreciates George as a role model, the quote “way George’s hat was” suggests he acts much like him and mimics him how a child would to a daddy. We likewise notice that Lennie attempts to be smart towards George to reveal that he is smart even though he is not, “he stated skillfully”.

We can see throughout chapter one that George several times pities Lennie. the expression “bad bastard” not just tells that there is a sense of compassion from George in the relationship, but it likewise sort of makes the reader pity Lennie, Steinbeck also suggests this through stating that George “looked ashamedly at the fire”. I could also notice when I read through the first chapter that George has a sense of authority over Lennie, “you gon na get that wood”. This resembles a moms and dad informing a child to do his chores.

On some events though George shows a little bit of hatred towards Lennie, he thinks of what he might have if Lennie wasn’t around and contrasts that with George. There is likewise a sense of absence of rely on the relationship in between the two guys. We see this through the dilemma with the work cards. It tells us that George once again has to take care of Lennie, and that Lennie isn’t trusted by George. Once again this concept is represented to the reader on page seventeen, we observe that George understands that he needs a plan b as Lennie can not be relied on so his plan b is to inform Lennie to “hide in the brush till I come for you”.

This helps us to comprehend the relationship even further. George likewise treats Lennie like a dog in one occasion in the chapter, “great kid”. This is something a master would state to a canine to motivate them, it likewise tells us the sort of function in the relationship George has once again. In conclusion, we see that Steinbeck uses numerous techniques to depict the relationship in between George and Lennie. But the main technique is the concept of George resembling a moms and dad to Lennie.