Of mice and men theme power

Of mice and males theme power

this statement, the only power others have more than us, is the power we provide is definitely a precise assessment in consideration of the text studied in class this term, Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck. By taking a look at the relationship between the protagonist geroge and lennie, and the relationship between curly and his spouse, this reaction will try to argue that certainly the only power others have more than us, is the power we provide. this action will likewise attempt to take a look at strategies and description to make and shape meaning worldwide of this novel.

How Power exists in Of Mice and Men The theme of power in Of Mice and Men exists by Steinbeck in a range of ways, including characterisation, discussion and imagery. The primary styles of power in the novella include physical power, seduction and the power of hierarchy. The style of physical power is generally represented through the character Lennie. The power of seduction is shown through Curley’s spouse. Whereas the power of hierarchy is depicted through the one in charge, Slim and Curly. In the novella Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck presents physical power through the character Lennie Small.

Lennie is a huge character, with enormous physical strength. We can deduce this, from the opening description “A substantial male”. The description here has foreshadowed Lennie’s physical stature and strength. His physical power, is a repeating style throughout the novella. It is once again shown, when George speak with Slim about his previous life with Lennie, “coulda bust every bone in my body”. Here through making use of discussion, the reader is shown the physical power Lennie has more than George. It is paradoxical, that despite the fact that Lennie has the benefit of physical power. George is the more dominant one.

We can see this, by the method George reprimands Lennie for disobeying directions, “you wasn’t gon na state a word”. This dialogue, foreshadows Lennie’s absence of mental power, to follow George’s instructions. Curley, The One In Charge and George are all connected since they have power over someone. In the Novella, The one in charge is in control of everything. Also he answers to nobody. “Hey, what’s your stake in this person”. This discussion is between George and The One In Charge, he is questioning George on his power over Lennie. This quote shows that he can manage who works for him and who doesn’t. He can fire somebody even if he does not like them.