Of Mice and Men Weaknesses and Strength

Of Mice and Guy Weak Points and Strength

In the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’, John Steinbeck utilizes strengths and weak points by utilizing the characters to reveal both their strengths and weaknesses. Paradox and foreshadowing play a large roll on how the story ends. Lennie and his habit of harming soft things, not on purpose, but he is a victim of his own strength. George attempting to pretend that his sensations for Lennie indicate absolutely nothing. The entire book is repetitive in styles and revealed views. Solitude and friendship are among the lots of styles that are communicated in the novel Of Mice and Men, By John Steinbeck.

A number of the characters admit to struggling with loneliness within the texts. George sets the tone for these confessions early in the novel when he advises Lennie that the life of residing on a cattle ranch is the loneliest job worldwide. Nevertheless Lennie, who is simple holds the concept that living on a farm is the best place to be. “Tending the rabbits” is what Lennie calls it. Typically when Lennie is looking for support he asks George to inform him how its going to be.

Guys like George who migrate from farm to farm seldom have anybody to seek to for friendship and security. George obviously cares a lot for lennie, but dosen’t like to show to it. The feeling of being shipped from place to location leaves George sensation alone and deserted since he paired up with Lennie who likes to feel soft and pretty things. But his friendly instincts get sidelined due to the fact that of his strength and looks. Strengths and Weak points play a substantial roll within the story. Steinbeck explores various types of strength and weak point throughout the book.

As the novel starts, Steinbeck demonstrates how Lennie possesses physical strength beyond his control, as when he can not assist eliminating the mouse. Excellent physical strength is valuable in George and Lennie’s scenarios to buck barley and to assist with ranch work. Curley, as a symbol of authority on the ranch and a champ boxer, makes this clear immediately by utilizing his bullish ambiance to daunt those who look down on him. Lennie indicates no damage at all. The reason George and Lennie needed to leave in the beginning of the novel was since it was believed that Lennie tried to rape a woman there.

Rape was not the case at all, when Lennie revealed his love for the touch of soft things, such as a dress or a mouse, this stressed the female causing a domino effect, and causing Lennie panic also. When Lennie unintentionally eliminates the mouse, it foreshadows the future of Lennie and Curley’s partner. Lennie is attempting his hardest to be mild and still manages to kill the mouse. The exact same scenario causes the death of Curleys other half when Lennie and her remain in the barn and Lennie is feeling the soft cloth of her gown. She stresses, then Lennie worries and his brut strength ends up eliminating her.

Curly holds an animosity versus Lennie after the conflict that they had when Lennie almost breaks both of Curly’s hands. After Curly finds his wife dead, he understands who had done it. Lennie and George are once again required to run from authorities. The outright climax of the story is when Lennie asks George when again to tell him “how its going to be,” George continues to inform Lennie to deal with the rabbits and shoots him in the head. Maybe for the better, Lennie could now be totally free, and not caught and handicapped within his own body.