Of Plymouth Plantation Summary

Of Plymouth Plantation Summary

The staying ship sets out from Plymouth on September 6, 1620 and take pleasure in favorable winds and weather condition for the very first several days. Bradford likewise keeps in mind a sign of “God’s providence” (Page 41)– the death of a sailor who had often berated the Pilgrims for their seasickness. Nonetheless, the whole voyage does not go smoothly; the ship sustains damage throughout a storm, and both the passengers and team start to question to whether it is smart to continue. Eventually, the crew restores the damage to the ship, and the Pilgrims reach Cape Cod on November 11 with only one guest death.

Of Plymouth Plantation Summary

Once they have gotten here, the Pilgrims do not instantly go ashore due to the fact that they want to settle closer to the mouth of the Hudson River. Sailing south, however, they come across rough water and reverse to the Cape, where they

” [fall] upon their knees and [bless] the God of Heaven who had brought them over the large and furious ocean, and delivered them from all the hazards and miseries of it, again to set their feet upon the firm and steady earth”

William Bradford, Page 42-43

Bradford at this point pauses the narrative to marvel at the threats and difficulties the Pilgrims dealt with even after being put ashore:

“It is recorded in the scripture (Acts. Xxviii) as a grace to the apostle and his shipwrecked crew, that the barbarians revealed them no little kindness in revitalizing them; however these savage barbarians when they consulted with them (as will appear) were readier to fill their sides with arrows than otherwise!”

William Bradford, Page 43

The cruelty of Northeastern winter seasons further added to the Pilgrims’ problems, as did the discontent of the ship’s team, who considered leaving the Pilgrims and going back to England. Bradford likewise comments that the Pilgrims might not anticipate any help to come from Europe, given the terms on which they had left Weston and their other backers. As a result, the Pilgrims had to put their trust entirely in God.