Oscar Wao: Domincan Irony

Question: The Gangster, unlike many of the men in the book, gets along, and treats Beli like a woman. Nevertheless, his action develops a paradox in the book. Explain.

Answer: A number of the guy in the book have actually been rude towards the ladies in the book. They believed that their action is the best thing to do, given that they have the Dominican Pride. All they really cared about was their appearance as a muchacha figure, and did not care for the women’ feeling or requirements.

When “gangster” steps in after Beli had a rough time with Jack who utilized her as absolutely nothing however as a toy; Beli begins to feel a feeling of love. Gangster treats her differently, buying her presents, treating her to great restaurants, and taking her out to locations. He even opens his heart up and informs her, about the difficulty and torment he is going through. Due to his actions, she realizes she loves him, since no man has actually ever appreciated her or opened a lot prior to in her life.

His actions produce a paradox; and the actions vary from whatever we have actually encountered about the Dominican Culture up until now. However, the real paradox kicks in as Beli realizes that gangster has a habit of disappearing for days or weeks on end without notice. When he comes back, she persists about where he has actually been, and about their marriage, nevertheless, gangster does not give her any answers back. When Gangster takes Beli out for a journey, to relax, Beli is very pleased.

During the trip, gangster informs Beli that he wants to be totally free, developing an ironic minute as he goes back and forth between a gentleman, and a muchacha. However, when she returns home she recognizes that she is pregnant, and the reader expects for the significant paradox that will be developed, as soon as gangster makes his choice about sticking with being a gentleman and sticking with Beli, or leave her and the infant, like the other Dominican men.