Othello Appearance Versus Reality

Othello Look Versus Reality

Task 6: Drama essay (400– 500 words) If the fool would continue his recklessness, would it make him wise?– William Blake The majority of the characters in Othello are fools and they make it possible for Iago to carry out his strategies because they are blind idiots. Do you agree with this statement? Talk about the following characters: Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Roderigo and Emilia. Discuss your views on whether they are absurd. 25 Mark Rubric [pic] Memorandum– Job 6 Othello Essay In Othello, the mastermind Iago is the best bad guy.

To the outdoors world, he appears completely safe; a truthful, devoted person who only has the best intents. But in reality, he doesn’t appreciate anybody however himself. The following concerns can be dealt with: Is Iago’s manipulating so effective since of his innovative villainy, or due to the fact that most of the characters are blind, oblivious fools. Roderigo, a gentleman incredibly in love with Desdemona, is the greatest fool of all. He trusts, thinks and complies with Iago regardless, although it is clear that he is simply utilizing him.

This is shown by Roderigo providing all his gems and cash to Iago in spite of the fact that Iago’s promises and techniques to win Desdemona over, haven’t provided any results. Blinded by his infatuation for her, he will think anything Iago says. Emilia can be seen as foolish because she does not withstand her husband, however allows him to treat her disrespectfully. When Iago motivates her to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief, she obeys without questioning his intentions. Due to the fact that of her silence, Iago is enabled to perform a substantial part of his estructive strategy. Desdemona is the least silly. She is young, innocent and unskilled. Her naivety is her failure. She trusts too easily. Due to the fact that she loves Othello she attempts to restore his relationship with Cassio. She listens to Iago’s guidance in this regard without understanding that it may make Othello envious. Cassio is not that much of a fool, but due to his good, trusting nature, he is convinced too easily. He lets Iago talk him into drinking and he thinks in Iago’s great intents when Iago advises he speak to Desdemona.

Another of his foolish mistakes is that he decides to keep quiet after the fight, instead of safeguarding himself. Othello is credible, has a strong inner voice and what resulted in his failure was his pride. Othello struggles with a sense of inferiority because he is older, black and not part of the Venetian society. He feels he has to show himself and therefore quickly falls in the trap of becoming jealous and believing Iago’s every word. This makes him lose all sense of judgement and logic. Iago is a mastermind bad guy. His misleading approaches are so very reliable.—————- 50