Othello Essay Jealousy

Othello Essay Jealousy

!.?.!? Othello essay “Jealousy, a really effective particular which exists in every human being on this world, this attribute results in unfavorable occasions which can damage relationships and take in the mind this can simply develop into anger and overcome the victim and make them do things that are not in their power. This is not missing in Othello and is revealed continuously throughout the play. This quality has been revealed within every character in various methods and are all victims of this of this characteristic. Jealousy is the encouraging force behind the cruel actions taken by Iago.

Jealousy develops power battles, his skepticism between his and his loved ones and lead to him losing what he loves the most” “Throughout the play Iago struggles to keep his power at what It was at and control specific people so he can have more power. He shows jealousy really quickly from the beginning of the play; his ideas of jealousy quickly changed and entered ideas of revenge. As he tries to do this he struggles numerous times with a number of the characters. His plan is to attain the greatest power however he fails to do so.

As Cassio had taken Iagos position as lieutenant he had actually developed hatred and jealousy for Cassio and prepared” on taking revenge against him as he says “One Michael Cassio, a Florentine/ A fellow almost damn ‘d in a fair better half (Othello, Act 1 scene 1, 20-21)” This quote shows that Iago is envious of Cassio because he has taken his job area as a lieutenant which annoys Iago, this later leads Iago to do something about it and he plans vengeance versus Cassio which he will do gradually by getting Othello trust and attention and will make Othello look down upon him. How poor are they that have not perseverance!/ What injury did ever recover however by degrees?/ Thou understand’st we work by wit and not by witchcraft,/ And wit depends upon dilatory time./ Does’t not work out? Cassio hath beaten thee./ And thou, by that little hurt, hath cashiered Cassio./ Though other things grow fair against the sun,/ Yet fruits that bloom first will first be ripe./ Material thyself some time. In troth,’t is morning./ Enjoyment and action make the hours appear short. Retire thee, go where thou art billeted./ Away, I state, thou shalt know more hereafter./ Nay, get thee gone.” (Othello Act 2 scene 3, 340-352) Iago can now sense that Rodrigo does not require his assistance and is thinking of going back to Venice, with this we can see Iago is now having power battles and is going to lose one of his guys. Iago reacts back to this to keep his power where it is at by questioning Roderigos manhood and teases him.

Iago has had numerous power battles but he tried to preserve is throughout the play however he could not keep it up throughout the entire play. Trust plays a huge part within this play. Jealousy between characters causes mistrust and creates significant conflicts. Iagos jealousy causes skepticism in Othello, he made him think with false facts that othellos wife Desdemona has actually been cheating on him with Michael Cassio every now and then. Iago had done this so Othello would eliminate Michael Cassio as lieutenant and place him there.

Othello had asked Iago for evidence of if Desdemona had in fact been a whore “Villan, make sure thou prove my love a whore!/ Ensure it; provide me the ocular proof;/ Or, by the worth of males eternal soul,/ Thou hadst been much better have been born a dog/Than response my waked rage! (Othello Act 3 scene 3, 359-362) Trust is playing with Othello and he asks Iago for evidence that Desdemona actually cheated on Othello. Iago is putting thoughts in to Othellos head which is making him get mistrust for his other half Desdemona “Nay, but be sensible.

Yet we see nothing done;/ She might be truthful yet. Tell me but this:/ Have you not sometimes seen a handkerchief/ Found with strawberries in your spouse habd?.” (Othello act 3 scene 5, 433-435) Iago had actually put mistrust within him and made him think of what he is doing ideal or wrong. Jealousy is the significant factor to all of the characters down fall. Jealousy caused lots of other factors in the play which cause specific characters getting vengeance for the incorrect factor and meaningless reasons.

Othello had actually been encouraged fully by Iago that his love Desdemona was a whore and had actually cheated on Othello with Michael Cassio Othello’s previous right hand man who he had actually took of the task due to being drunk while on the task. With this jealousy all over and primarily in Iago it had happened and effected him in a bad method and resulted in his failure and lost his title as “sincere Iago” “o thou dull moor, the scarf thou speak’st of/I discovered by fortune, and did offer my hubby;/ For often with a solemn earnestness,/ more than indeed belong ‘d to such a triffle,/ He begg ‘d of me to take it. (Othello Act 5 Scene 2, 225-228). This proving causes his failure where he has been caught lying and what he had actually done had actually been unrelieved. His jealousy also led to the failure of Roderigo, he had trusted Iago in what he was doing however in truth all he needed was his cash and jewels. Iago had stabbed Roderigo due to the fact that he does not require him anymore “O damn ‘d Iago! O inhuman pet! “(Othello act 5 scene 1, 62). Roderigo is realzing that he had actually been betrayed by the male he believed who was assisting him, this was leading to his down fall.

All since of jealousy he had to his down fall. “”The play of Othello reveals that power jealousy can get rid of individuals and take control of them. In the play at a point or another each character experiences jealousy for each other, this can be an extremely unsafe quality. Jealousy creates power battles, his mistrust between his and his liked ones and lead to him losing what he likes the most. Jealousy had screwed up a great deal of characters in this play and left them with nothing.” “