Parody of To Kill a Mockingbird

Parody of To Eliminate a Mockingbird

Jem, Dill, and I walked in silence. All of our minds were clouded with thoughts from the trial. After what seemed like permanently, Jem stated, “We need to play a game in order to get our minds off the trial. Today was only the very first day of the trial, there is still tomorrow to find out the court’s decision.”
“How about we sleuth around the dumps and spy on Tom Robinson?” Dill suggested.
“Dill, how is spying on Tom Robinson going to get our minds off of-” Jem started.
“We could have fun while finding out info about Tom Robinson. Scout, I attempt you to go to the dumps and spy on Tom Robinson,” Dill interrupted.
“Okay, as long as both of you include me,” I pointed out.
“Well, what are we awaiting? Let’s go,” Dill exclaimed as he started to lead the way.
The walk towards Tom Robinsons’ cabin was long and troubling. As we strolled past the dumps, we needed to hold our noses shut since an unpleasant smell filled our nostrils and triggered our eyes to water. However, that was not the worst part of the journey. After the dumps, passing the Ewell residence made me wish we were still at the dumps. The simple look of the Ewell family provided me chills down my spinal column and flooded my mind with interest to figure out all of the unknown stories that the Ewell home consisted of. Finally, the narrow lane that resulted in the cabins concerned our sight. Silently, we went through the lane and outlined ourselves in an area where we might see through a crack in Tom Robinson’s cabin and hear what was being said inside. What we witnessed, entirely changed our viewpoint on Tom Robinson and produced another story that counteracts with the stories told by the townspeople.
“Tom, how you holdin up’?” asked Helen, Tom’s spouse.
“I’s great, nothin’ to ’bout nothin’ now,” Tom replied.
Sam, Tom’s son, overheard and questioned, “Father, what’s goin’ on?”
“Kid, you no need to fret ’bout nothin’, everythin’s fine,” Tom stated with self-confidence. He then sent his 3 children off to bed, so that he might have a personal conversation with his other half.
“Tom, why you be tellin’ the kids everythin’ is fine, when everythin’ is not fine?” questioned Helen.
“‘Cus it is. Everythin’s fine. This be how the town is. I’s a black guy, I got nothin’ to alter their minds. Everythin’s fine. I knows that I’s a great male, you understands that I’s a good male, the kids knows that I’s a good male. It do not matter what the town knows ‘cus they ain’t ever gon na change. Everythin’s fine. Even if I attempt, I get in more trouble ‘cus I talk back to a white man. Everythin’s fine,” explained Tom.
“What gon’ occur to our family? We ain’t gon na have nothin’ left,” Helen pointed out.
“We gon’ have actually everythin’ left. I like y’ all, y’ all love me. Thas not gon na change no matter what the white folks choose tomorrow,” said Tom.
“Damn those white folks!” Helen intensified.
“Now, now, calm down Helen. We ain’t got ta be impolite to these white folks just because they’s treat us bad. They ain’t know what they’s doin’ is wrong. Their white minds thinkin’ that we black folk are foolish and bad. They’s simply tryna secure themselves, just as we are,” Tom explained.
“Jus’ cus their skin white and our skin black, they believe they better than us. That ain’t right,” Helen said, still upset.
“We knows it be wrong, but there ain’t nothin’ us black folk can do right now to make ’em accept us. They see us as niggers, we see ’em as bossy white folk. There be more to the story on both sides. Jus’ cus right now whites be more cruels to blacks than blacks be more cruel to whites, do not imply there ain’t excellent white folk. Atticus’ excellent white male. I’s a good black man. However there be bad folk for whites and bad folk for blacks. The bad black folk be all that the white folk see, the vicious white folk be all that the black folk see. We be various than otha folk in this town,” Tom exclaimed.
“Those white folk gon’ be cruel to you tomorrow,” Helen discussed.
“I’s gon na be okay. I’s a guy. I ain’t no kid. I can look after myself and I’s not gon na complain tomorrow to make nothin’ worse. Now Helen, it be getting’ late. Do not be worrying tonight so you could sleep. Let’s go,” Tom said with a yawn.
After Tom and Helen went to sleep, Jem, Dill, and I began our walk back home. This time, no one said a word. We didn’t run through the narrow lane. We didn’t take a look at the Ewell house or perhaps consider it. We didn’t hold our noses shut while strolling past the dump. The night was peaceful therefore were we. Once we got home, Jem spoke, “Atticus will be disturbed if he finds out where we were. Tonight is our trick”. Dill and I agreed. That night, I could not feel anything but sorry. Tom Robinson was a great guy.