Racism in Othello

Racism in Othello

Racism prevails in Shakespearian time and the literature that was produced throughout the Elizabethan era. That time was when white guys dominated society and when the black guy was utilized for slaves or other such low and demeaning jobs. For centuries, use of the black guy as badness or evil in stories has been used. For instance, in The Devil and Tom Walker, the devil is represented as a black male that temps Tom Walker and his spouse. In the play Othello, by William Shakespeare, the functions are reversed.

Bigotry prevails throughout the entire play and how it is mentioned in backlash methods but never to the main character’s face. The main individual who shows a racist attitude is Iago since of his jealously of Othello and his standing in life. Iago’s main intent throughout the story is to breakdown Othello and to damage him. Iago starts the story with back handed racial remarks about Othello and this is when we first see how evil Iago is and how he utilizes racial slurs to denounce Othello’s name.

When Iago calls Othello “thick-lips” he is teasing how many African Americans have big lips and another part, where Iago utilizes sexual referrals to degrade Othello and to embarassment the relationship in between him and Desdemona, is when he is speaking with Brabantio and telling him that his child is with a “an old black ram” (Act 1, Scene 1, lines 66, 88-89). Iago was discussing how Desdemona married Othello and how he was tainting a “white ewe” (Act1, Scene 1, line 89).

Back in those times, color of animals was an art and it was awful if a pure line, such as the white race or Desdemona, was polluted with another color or breed, like Othello who was a black male from Africa. This was the beginning of Iago’s strategy to start turning Othello’s good friends versus him. Iago needed more reasons to dislike Othello even though being of an inferior race however of a higher rank in the army was inadequate.

He comprises the lie in his mind that Othello is sleeping with his partner and he blasts Othello and when he makes the declaration “hell and night/ must bring this monstrous birth to the world’s light” (Act1, Scene 3, line 397-398). Iago refers to Othello as the world’s light and himself as “hell and night”. This is when the audience really sees how evil Iago is and this is the time that Iago really begins to try and breakdown Othello and injured everything near him all due to the fact that of jealousy.

Other lines where Iago utilizes bigotry is when he is constantly calling Othello “the moor” behind his back. (Act 2, Scene 3, line 453). Iago is truly a coward at heart due to the fact that he does not walk up to Othello’s face and inform him what he thinks about him. Instead, he denounces Othello’s name behind his back and twists words and individuals minds in to believing that Iago is right and that Othello is the bad male. In Shakespeare’s time, mixed racial marital relationships were practically unheard of. White males wed white ladies and black guys married black females.

It was extremely unusual to have pieces like Othello composed with such outright faux pas against the standard. I think that William Shakespeare was not a racist which he did not imply to have his play labeled as one. Rather, I think that he chose to check out the locations of deceptiveness, lies, and paradoxes in his plays. The deceptiveness was of having a buddy who hated you, the lies were the ones that Iago spread out about Othello, and the paradox was of having a white man being wicked and a black male being the excellent force in the play.

Shakespeare used the idea of a racial play to explore the concepts and where they lead him. I think that Shakespeare wanted to marital relationship to work out in the end of the play however he showed how through the belief of the times, that it didn’t last. Shakespeare is thought about among the most famous authors of his time because of the wonderful pieces of literature that he wrote. I would think about Othello to be one of the best that he composed.

I would state this one the grounds of how he completely checked out the premises of bigotry in a white guy’s society and how he showed a non-racial attitude in the mist of numerous conflicting viewpoints. I think that this is a fantastic achievement to break the standard and to display an extremely out of favor viewpoint. William Shakespeare did a wonderful job of checking out the different elements of bigotry in his time and how it applied and now we have an excellent traditional called Othello as a result.