Reflections on Visual Representation: Of Mice and Men

As a woman, I was frustrated the method the novel made women out actively by utilizing words like tramp’, ‘pitch’ and tart’ and the method guys in the novel used them as woman of the streets, so my representation shows the liberty and confinement of Curly spouse– Eve provided her power in my representation because her and the other women had none In the unique and Eve made the men all fairly irrelevant In my representation due to the fact that It wasn’t reasonable that they had all the power In the book.

I seemed like Curlers spouse resembled a caged bird In the novel since she frantically wanted to get away from her life, however just could not. This is why I utilized a birdcage as the expense dominant thing in my representation.

It is sparkles due to the fact that I desired it to look drawing due to the fact that Curlers better half was lured into weding Curler due to the fact that she thought that marital relationship would give her freedom. The bride-to-be’s veil hanging on the exterior of the birdcage highlights that her hopes and dreams ran out reach which marital relationship was central to her being trapped.

Black chains are likewise twisted around the shimmers cage, which makes her even more confined than Simply remaining in the cage. A mans clothing and top hat sits over the veil, chains and the cage door, which shows hat males, and especially abundant guys like Curly and his father are the most effective, have the most liberty In the novel, and are the ones who trap and confine other less powerful individuals. Bird’s feathers in the cage are a metaphor for Curler’s better half who is like a confined bird, and the truth that they are popping out the side of the cage shows that she is frantically attempting to leave.

Much like a bird is free to fly where ever it likes, her dreams were complimentary as soon as, today they are caged. Curlers wife, the woman of the streets and the woman in the red gown are all nameless in the novel Much like the bird in the cage– we now it is a bird because we can see its plumes, but we can’t really see what type of bird it is. However, the feathers are black which has two symbolic significances, to start with black represents her torment and death, and the method the plumes are spread all over advises me of the description of the frenzy prior to her murder and of her dead limp body.

Black Is likewise the color related to evil and the author constructs her as a sank/flirt who Is attempting to corrupt males. Eve Consisted of one small single feather with beautiful red spots on it, which reveals the method the guys treat her potty plume is likewise like Curly better half’s hair– it is soft which tempts Ellen to touch it which ultimately causes him murdering her. Also, the red spotted plume resembles her dreams that are mostly concealed now that she is restricted in her marriage cage.

Red is connected with woman of the streets and was likewise the color of Curlers spouse’s shoes and the red dress the lady was wearing who accused Ellen of rape, so in my representation, I have actually made it a womanly color. The red spotted feather likewise shows Curlers better half’s vibrant character that we comprehend more when she describes how she might have en a motion picture star. The quote ‘An a person tool me he might put me in pitchers … On sparkly paper backs this up and is shown in strong lettering to demonstrate how powerfully she said the words, but Eve cut them in half on the poster to make the words hard to comprehend Similar to in the novel when she spoke them to Ellen, he could not really comprehend her which again highlights how trapped and alone she was. This idea is shown once again in another quote ‘Please night. Everybody out doing’ osmosis. Everyone! An’ what am I don? Standing’ here talking’ to a lot of bindle stiffs’ which emphasizes that the men are all out and have friends, but she is not permitted to have either.

The black font style is damaged Similar to she confesses that she is damaged through this rhetorical question. Nevertheless, Ellen and Scoundrel are likewise excluded and confined and they are shown on my representation as stick figures/’bindle stiffs’ connected to this quote who I placed at the outside of my photo, Similar to they are at the beyond society. They have odd square heads and unequal bodies to reveal that they are various to the other powerful males represented by the match and stovepipe hat on he cage in the middle of the representation, and the males in the newspaper article in the background.

Vibrant, red, glossy swirls are radiating from the cage and heading upwards which is like the singing/chirping bird due to the fact that Curly partner was always trying to be happy and speak to the guys since she was trapped and lonely. These red swirls drifting up likewise represent the freedom of dreams. However people can’t comprehend birds similar to the men could not understand Curlers partner’s solitude which is also shown by a clump of red letters that are Jumbled up in a small pile barely visible on the eight hand side of the cage.

The Jumbled letters are different from the men’s words, which are shown as colorful ‘happy words, all Collaborated since they are all complimentary to fraternize each other. However, the men’s words deal with inwards in a circle which reveals their social circle and represents the way they keep her out and trapped in her cage. Curlers wife is omitted from the friendships and restricted to her dissatisfied life on the ranch because she is female, and since she is the one in charge’s partner. By Paris Whittaker Year 11