Rhetorical Analysis Mlk -Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Mlk -Letter from Birmingham Prison Essay

Civil liberties activist, Martin Luther King Jr. in his action to his fellow clergymen, “letter from Birmingham jail” he argues that racial partition is unjustified. He supports his claim by first constructing his credibility then utilizing psychological methods to manipulate the clergymen with reliable images, then discussing his outrage and dissatisfaction with our sociery, and lastly desiring our society to recognize that racial bias Will soon pass away. Kinrs purpose is to persuade his audience to see his actions as an useful element to society in order to keep quality.

He creates several tones such as, sarcasm frustration and disbelief to the eight clergymen. King encourages his audience to support his argument utilizing rhetorical gadgets like sob story and dictiom When King uses sob story he is able to control the reader to think What he wishes to think. It makes the clergymen feel upset and convinced to what he’s stating. “When you to explain to your 6 years of age child why she can’t go to the public theme park and see her tears welled up when she is informed that Funtown is closed to colored kids.

This is a good example of how MI_K uses emotional appeal especially because he utilizes a child as his method considering that it is much easier to feel compassion toward a child, He does this to make the reader feel the discomfort and frustration colored people and especially kids go through. Sob story is always a strong way to get the authors point through Which is why MLK utilized it “Our hopes had actually been blasted and the shadow of deep frustration settled upon us,” This is another example TO MI_K’S use Of pathos; sob story.

It shows exactly how african americans felt, how their hope was crushed many times with the actions of whites and they left. absolutely nothing however disappointment and grief. This makes the reader outraged of the whites’ actions. It stresses to the reader the bitterness of blacks lives. King also utilizes efficient word option; diction which made his argument stronger. “… ühen you need to concoct an answer for a 5 years of age child Who is asking ‘Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so indicate?'” This quote is a perfect example of the effective diction he utilizes.

He effectively captures the child’s speech when he says so mean and daddy This way the reader will feel more compassion for Kings position. usages imaEQty, which is likewise his word choice. For instance: “IT’s ugly record Of cruelty is commonly understood.” Here the words awful and cruelty stimulate clear graphic images of violence. When utilizing words that connect with violence it creates compassion in the reader. King utilizes reliable diction when he states: ‘Too long has our precious Southland been bogged down in a terrible effort to live in monologue instead of discussion.

This quote how MLK used to effective methods of word choice. First he utilized words like beloved, bogged, terrible, monologue and discussion. These words precious and terrible emphasi72 the unfortunate and distressing tone And monologue and discussion provide a good rhyme to the sentence which makes the audience more Willing to listen. Now we see how MLK’s use of different rhetorical devices; emotional appeal and diction made his argument more convincing and strong. Each technique had a different technique but all for the very same reason vro control the to think King’s claim.