Romeo and Juliet -3 People Who Betrayed Juliet

Romeo and Juliet -3 People Who Betrayed Juliet

Notification whenever Juliet seeks for assistance, the people near her tend to always let her down? Why is that? Aren’t your friends or member of the family suppose to be the ones who are constantly there for you, and never ever let you down? Well not in Juliet’s case. You see, Shakespeare, the author of Romeo & & Juliet composed the story in such a way that Juliet a main character in the story, whenever seeks for assistance from her friends and family members, particularly when she needs it most, is always betrayed or pull down.

In the following paragraphs, I will describe how, Woman Capulet, Friar Lawrence and Romeo betrayed her, and how this triggered Juliet to make the wrong choices in her life. Firstly, Lady Capulet is Juliet’s mom. A mother is expect to be near to her daughter, and is the person who knows and understands Juliet one of the most. But in this case her mother is the first individual to let her down. For example, when Lord Capulet decided in act three scene 5 that Juliet need to wed Paris, her mom defended that decision even though she understood that Juliet didn’t want to wed Paris.

I think her mom must of been on Juliet’s side, due to the fact that she’s her mom and she has experience in marital relationship and need to understand marrying somebody you do not like is not a good concept. Likewise, another betrayal by Woman Capulet is that she teaches Juliet to evaluate guys by their money, their social rank and their look. For instance, she suggested Paris to Juliet since he is rich, good looking and on the Capulet’s side. This is not good.

Because Juliet truly does like Romeo, and when her mom says things like that, it really makes Juliet disturbed, because Romeo is not rich, and their family dislikes her household and vice versa. These points demonstrate how shallow Woman Capulet’s character is. This avoids Juliet to ask encourage from her mom, and can not get guidance from her. Secondly, Friar Lawrence is the 2nd person who betrays and lets-down Juliet. As you currently know, Friar Lawrence is a priest and he was the one who agreed to wed Romeo to Juliet.

Friar Lawrence let’s down Juliet in 2 methods. The very first method, was not all his fault, but he might of prevented it by simply giving more effort. For instance, when Friar Lawrence and Juliet agree on the plan to temporarily make Juliet look dead (act four scene 1), Friar Lawrence composed a letter to Romeo telling him what was really going on. Well, Romeo did not get that letter on time, so he ended up eliminating himself since he thought Juliet was dead, and when Juliet woke up she killed herself due to the fact that Romeo was dead.

Friar Lawrence ought to of attempted harder to get that letter to Romeo, like personally attempting to give the letter to him, or to inform his pals like Balthazar to inform Romeo about the strategy, or at least following up on the letter himself to make sure he got it or not. Another betrayal by Friar Lawrence is at completion of the story (act 3 scene 5). When Friar Lawrence and Juliet are in the burial place, after Romeo killed Paris, then himself, Juliet awakens. Juliet awakens, and asks where Romeo is?

Friar Lawrence without addressing her, hears a sound and informs her the; watch is coming; (act 5 scene 3 lines 158). Friar Lawrence is scared because he hears someone coming, and does not wish to be caught. So he leaves, and Juliet does not come along, so she’s left all alone. This is where he betrays her. Friar Lawrence ought to not of consented to leave Juliet all alone. Due to the fact that then Juliet would not of killed herself when she saw Romeo dead. Instead Friar Lawrence just cared about himself, and ran out of the tomb right away when he heard somebody was coming. # 9; Finally, the last individual you anticipated betrayed Juliet, which was Romeo. As you understand Romeo and Juliet were teens when they got wed. However they declare they were apparently mature sufficient to get wed. I believe Romeo betrayed Juliet due to the fact that he was immature, yet he declared to be fully grown. And because of him being immature the story would of ended in a much better way. To start with, he let her down by getting into a battle with Tybalt (act 3 scene 1). This fight started when Tybalt eliminated Mercutio, and Romeo was just dealing with his feelings of revenge towards Tybalt.

If he truly felt true love for Juliet he would not of killed Tybalt, since he must of understood the consequences would be such that he would not see Juliet any longer and Juliet would feel various towards him due to the fact that he eliminated her cousin. Another betrayal by Romeo was that he devoted suicide. He eliminated himself to reveal his love to Juliet. An individual does not have to show his love by eliminating himself after his/her fan is dead? By killing himself he would just reveal his; love; to individuals still alive, which is not important since what you truly want to do is reveal our love to your fan, not friends or member of the family still alive. However you can’t because suicide is a big sin and you will go to hell for it. So what’s the point? They won’t see each other once again if one or both goes to hell, or one goes to heaven. This is a betrayal by Romeo, due to the fact that Juliet is required to eliminate herself. If Romeo didn’t kill himself, I doubt that Juliet would eliminate herself. As an outcome of Juliet being betrayed a couple of times, it influenced her to make incorrect mistakes which lead her to her death.

If it wasn’t due to the fact that of Lady Capulet and her father requiring her to marry Paris, she would not of made a plan with Friar Lawrence to make herself look dead. And if just Romeo controlled his sensation against Tybalt, he would not of killed him, which lead to his banishment. Likewise if Friar Lawrence cared less about his own credibility, he would of stayed in the burial place with Juliet, and probably might of avoided Juliet’s suicide. For that reason Juliet’s death appears that it is partly Lady Capulet’s, Friar Lawrence’s and Romeo’s fault.