Romeo and Juliet and Study Guide Scene

Romeo and Juliet and Study Guide Scene

!.?. !? Act III Research Study Guide Scene 1 Mercutio is mocking Benvolio at the opening of this scene. What is he saying and how do we know he is teasing? A: He is explaining Benvolio as someone who likes to fight, but we know from the verybeginning of the play that Benvolio enjoys to keep the peace and tries to avoid conflictbecause he attempted to break up the battle in between the servants. Why does Romeo refuse to eliminate with Tybalt? What does he say in lines 66-70? A: He declines to eliminate since he is married to Juliet, Tybalt’s cousin. He informs Tybaltthat he loves him more than he can picture, even though at the moment he can not tellhim why.

He likewise says that he values the Capulet name. How does Mercutio react to Romeo’s answer? A: He is upset and chooses to combat Tybalt himself. After Tybalt stabs Mercutio, what does he state in line 88? Why do you believe he states this? A: He states, “An afflict a’ both home!” He is cursing both families due to the fact that he has actually ended up being a victim of the feud, and he was stabbed by Tybalt’s sword under Romeo’s arm. How does Romeo blame Juliet for Mercutio’s death? A: He states she made him effeminate and reluctant to eliminate for his honor. What is Romeo stating when he calls himself “Fortune’s Fool”?

A: This is another recommendation to fate. He now knows that he and Juliet will never betogether. Why does the Prince select to exile Romeo instead of put him to death? A: Tybalt killed Mercutio, so Romeo eliminated Tybalt. Ball game is even, however due to the fact that Romeo fought and eliminated a male, he should deal with some sort of penalty. Scene 2 In her soliloquy, Juliet longs for night to come so she can be with Romeo. What does the audience know that Juliet doesn’t at this moment? A: She doesn’t know that Romeo has been eliminated, and they might never ever see each otheragain.

What foreshadowing does Juliet automatically use worrying Romeo’s death? A: lines 21-24 “Provide me my Romeo; and when he will pass away,/ take him and cut him out inlittle stars./ and he will make the face of paradise so great/ that all the world will love night.” How does Juliet describe Romeo beginning in line 73? A: She can’t decide whether he is damned or a saint. She explains him in contradictionsbecause she enjoys both Romeo and Tybalt. What does Juliet think is worse: Tybalt is dead or Romeo is gotten rid of? A: She thinks it is worse that Romeo is eliminated. Scene 3

What does the Nurse tell Romeo to do beginning in line 89? A: She tells him to get up and begin acting like a male. What factors does the Friar provide Romeo to be delighted? A: He and Juliet are both alive, and the prince altered the law so he may still live. Scene 4 What choice does Lord Capulet produce Juliet? A: He decides that she should marry Count Paris in three days. Scene 5 Where does Juliet think she will next see Romeo? A: She thinks she will see him dead in the bottom of a burial place. How does Juliet fool her mother into thinking she hates Romeo beginning with line 94?

A: She utilizes double meanings, so she says one thing, but implies another. How does Lord Capulet respond when Juliet denies the marital relationship proposition? A: He gives her a demand: either wed Paris on Thursday, or get tossed out of thehouse and never ever see her daddy again. What suggestions does the Nurse give to Juliet? Why? A: She informs Juliet to marry Paris due to the fact that Romeo is gone and will most likely never return. If he never returns, no one will ever know that they were married. She also thinks that Paris will make a better other half for her.