Romeo and Juliet and the Mind of the Teenager

Romeo and Juliet and the Mind of the Teen

“Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare is a play that takes place in Verona, Italy. It is the timeless love story between two teens who handle to fall in love, regardless of their life long feuding families. Romeo and Juliet know they can not be together. These star crossed lovers want to do anything for each other and it ultimately causes death for the both of them, and the ending of pleasure for their 2 families. A cultural phenomenon is something that we in some cases take for approved or feel in one’s bones about. An obvious example of this would be the story of Romeo and Juliet.

The play has ended up being an around the world cultural phenomenon because lots of books, films, tunes and poems have actually been based off and have actually referenced Romeo and Juliet. Most people worldwide know the tale of these 2 teenagers without even really checking out the play. One reason the play Romeo and Juliet has actually become a cultural phenomenon is because many people feel connected to the story. They feel as though they keep in mind how it felt to be a teen in love and how the brain greatly affects that sensation. The teenage brain has a great influence on how Romeo and Juliet handle their strong love for each other.

Romeo and Juliet are young and desperate teenagers. They fall in love quickly and suddenly which is revealed throughout almost the whole play. A location in the play that shows this, would be is when Romeo and Juliet are at the Capulet masked ball. Romeo states, “Then move not while my prayer’s impact I take. Hence from my lips by thine my sins is purged. (1, 5,108-109). This demonstrates how quick Romeo and Juliet fall for each other. They already kissed and they have actually known each other for less than a night. They are very aggressive and distressed.

Another circumstances where Romeo and Juliet are desperate teenagers is when Juliet is talking to Romeo from the balcony in her room. “O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo Deny thy dad and refuse thy or it thou wilt not be but, sworn my love and I’ll no longer be a Capulet (2, 2, 33-36). This shows the teenage brain in love due to the fact that Juliet is saying how she will do anything to be with Romeo that she does not care what her nor his surname is. She is saying how a surname is not a genuine part of someone so it shouldn’t matter.

Juliet would not be a Capulet if she might be with Romeo, she wouldn’t mind. Another quote that demonstrates how the teenage brain works would be one stated by Romeo. He is saying this to Juliet while standing in the Capulet family orchard describing how he is not afraid. He states, “I have nights cloak to conceal me from their eyes and however thou love me let them discover me here my life were better ended by their hate than death proroguA © d wanting thy love (2, 2, 75-78). This quote demonstrates how Romeo doesn’t even care if he dies if it’s out of love for Juliet.

He does not want to die if he did not die attempting to be with his real love. The teenage brain in love can be observed in numerous historical and modern texts. Lots of posts, books and tunes show how the teenage brain connects with the story of Romeo and Juliet. Some posts that relate to the story of Romeo and Juliet and how the teenage brain works, is a short article called “Romance and the teenage brain by Allan Findlay and “Are teenage brains truly various from adult brains by Molly Edmonds.

Also, a short article called “The Brain on Love y Diane Ackerman. Each one of these articles extremely well explains how the teenage brain works and how the brain reacts to love. The first short article that displays how the teenage brain works is “Romance and the teenage brain. This short article informs how moms and dad’s and teen’s brains can be affected by just how much the teenage brains are in love. It likewise shares how and why teens might act the way they do based on the strong emotion of love. In the post it says how “brain structures and brain chemicals both impact the way an adolescent first dives into romance (Findlay).

This is stating how if the brain of a teenager is missing chemicals or does not have enough, it can cause each teen to react accordingly. Because teenagers are going through modifications at this phase of life it can also cause the chemicals to be off balance. In this short article it mentions how “Numerous parents feel responsible for their teenager’s risky behavior and become overwhelmed with sensations of regret (Findlay). This quote is showing how in some cases moms and dads do not know how to respond to the circumstance which they can play an essential function in who there child dates.

In Romeo and Juliet being together was difficult for them since they were from various households and their parents would not authorize. Romeo and Juliet know they would not have the ability to be together because of there feuding parents. The second source I found that related to the tale of Romeo and Juliet was a post called “Are teenage brains truly different from adult brains This source demonstrated how the teenage brain worked, and the parts of the brain.

It likewise showed what part did what and how love is a strong emotion for the brain. In adults, different parts of the brain interact to evaluate choices ¦ The teenage brain doesn’t appear to work like this (Edmonds). This quote is saying that the adult brain is totally developed so it is much easier for them to make the best decision. Since the teenage brain is still developing the chemicals are going to get mixed up and make us teens not constantly make the ideal choice. This describes Romeo and Juliet due to the fact that they were so wildly in love and their brains were going through changes they didn’t make all the ideal options.

For example when Romeo and Juliet eliminated themselves. These 2 fans were so in love and they thought they were doing the best thing. Considering that their brain was going through all these changes, they believed it was the right thing to do although it may have not been. In the post Molly Edmonds states how the prefrontal cortex assists make judgments, and controls feelings and impulses. This part of the brain also assists people interact. This has a huge role in the play of Romeo and Juliet since there was bad interaction or decision making.

Teenagers tend to frequently “overuse his part of the brain. Causing them to over think and not make the best choice. Another post that truly demonstrates how Romeo and Juliet are extremely connected to each other and how there brain contributes because is called “The Brain on Love by Diane Ackerman. Throughout this article Ackerman shows how quickly it is to get attached to somebody as a teenager. The quote “caring relationships change the brain most considerably (Ackerman). relates back to Romeo and Juliet due to the fact that considering that they were so in love, their brain made it difficult for them to live without each other.

Romeo and Juliet believed that the only way they might live was if they were gladly together. This is why Romeo and Juliet went to such far lengths to be together. “Love is the best school but the tuition is high and the research can be uncomfortable (Ackerman). This is a quote that relates to the story. Romeo and Juliet wish to be together however they understand the consequences are probably going to wind up not how they anticipated. Romeo and Juliet are willing to attempt anyhow and truly do not care what is going to happen as long as they can be together.

Romeo and Juliet know that it is going to be impossible to go on with life without each other and their brain understood that too. In the quote by Diane Ackerman, it demonstrates how our relationships are shaped and why it indicates so much to us. “As the most social apes, we live in a mirror- world in which every important relationship, whether with a spouse, friend or child forms the brain, which in return shapes our relationships (Ackerman). Romeo and Juliet’s love for one another was a “way of life for them. They were part of each other’s life now and it appeared normal for them to enjoy each other and want to be together.

The story of Romeo and Juliet has actually ended up being a cultural phenomenon throughout the entire world. Many people understand the catastrophe of these 2 fans without even opening the play. Individuals understand this popular story from short articles, tunes, poems, books and many movies are based off of the play. After reading numerous articles on how the teenage brain affects feelings and love, it is clear on why Romeo and Juliet did the wild things they did. With an off balance of chemicals in the brain, it often made it hard for Juliet and Romeo to make the right choices.

This occurred many times throughout the play. For example when Romeo consumed the toxin to eliminate himself after he believed Juliet was dead. Romeo and Juliet likewise acted this way due to the fact that there brain was not completely developed. In an article called “Are teenage brains actually various from adult brains by Molly Edmonds it is stated that the brain is only fully developed by age 20. Romeo and Juliet had actually become a cultural phenomenon since all the method back to William Shakespeare’s time.

Lots of readers can gain from the subject “The teenage brain in love nd how it affects how the young fans Romeo and Juliet acted. Many individuals remember what it was like to be in love as a teen and teenagers now know what it resembles. Lots of articles state that this can be caused by an off balance of chemicals in the brain and the brain not being fully established. It is also believed that hormonal agents and adolescence can impact the brain’s yearning for love and to be liked. The disaster of Romeo and Juliet has actually assisted many comprehend how the teenage brain acts and why. At the end of the story, the star crossed lovers concern a terrible end.