Romeo and Juliet Comparrison Movie

The well-known play, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, have actually been adjusted into 2 movies. Zeffirelli directed a historic representation of the movie, and Luhrmann directed a modern interpretation of the movie. Both variations were represented in Shakespeare’s original text.

Each movie had use a different technique when it came to setting, props and mood. In Zeffirelli’s version, the setting was a leisure of the 14th century, in the city of Verona, Italy along with environment of classical music, standard dancing, renaissance clothes and Shakespearean dialogue.

Luhrman’s Hollywood remake called “Romeo+Juliet” had a combination of original Shakespearean discussion with a modern twist. The environment remained in Verona beach in the 1990’s that consisted of car chases, outfit parties and gunfights. The twist of this variation was to think of the terrible storyline in a modern viewpoint and how it would suit today’s society. The props in both films were various. For instance in the Luhrman’s version, money was used rather of gold coins. This is shown when Romeo pays the apothecary for poison.

In this variation guns replaced swords. This is displayed in the battling scenes of the movie. Zeffirelli’s had actually kept the gold coins. An example can be when Romeo provides these coins. He had likewise kept the swords for the fighting scenes also, so it can be pertinent and historically accurate to Shakespeare’s time. The state of minds in each film were really different. In Zeffeirelli’s version the film was extremely extreme and the audience could feel the affection, sorrow, rage, and enmity of each character. An example can be when Mercutio is giving the famous Queen Mab speech.

In this scene the audience can see that Mercutio not just a joker however he likewise has a dark side. On the other hand in Luhrmann’s version the state of mind was very comical and less suspenseful. This was revealed from the more funny yet enthusiastic actors. An example can at the celebration when Luhrmann gowns Paris in a spaceman suit to make him look ridiculous and utilizes him as comic relief. This symbolizes that Paris is not what Juliet wants in a man and understands that Romeo is her real love. The death of time in Zeffeirelli’s version was slower than the much faster paced contemporary version.

In both movies, a few scenes were excluded, such as the battle with Paris at the Capulet’s burial place. In conclusion, Luhrmann and Zeffirelli both analyzed Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet”, very well. One existed with a modern-day twist and the other presented in the actual times of the initial play. Personally, I enjoyed viewing Zeffirelli’s variation more since it represented the authentic work of Shakespeare and the past of Verona, Italy. There was also more thriller and one might feel the stress and emotions of the characters more.