Romeo and Juliet Internal Monologue – the Friar

Romeo and Juliet Internal Monologue– the Friar

This is my fault. I understand it. Everybody knows it. 2 lives are gone; 2 youths are now not of this world. Why has this occurred? Let me take a look at my plan from 2 days back, my strategy is perfect, every small inch of it. Why has everything gone so incorrect? They are now married but it must bring the 2 families more detailed or put an end to their quarrelling. A Montague and a Capulet? I understand now that it is never going to work. I mean, how stupid am I? Their households battle now and have for generations.

This will only contribute to their hateful fire, not calm it. I understand I require to provide this letter to Romeo myself and not rely on a mailing service. A letter of such significance need to not slip into the incorrect hands, or not even reach him at all. This letter is essential in whatever running efficiently and sending out Friar John to pass it on could be an error that I do not wish to be responsible for. I would never ever forgive myself for that and a matter as crucial as a fake death must be dealt with personally.

As I have now understood that something like this is bound to take place, I will be specific to hand it to Romeo myself. My sleeping potion will not be the cause of their deaths, their families are to blame. Oh, to be with Juliet now in the church and stay, I will do, to keep her alive. I should never ever trust a teenage woman with a fake– death toxin again, what am I thinking? Anybody understands this is a defect in my judgement and I know this. Accountable for this, I am not. I did not bring them together through an opportunity conference nor will I support an alleged crook.

My sin is the un-holiest of criminal offenses understood to guy. I am a coward, stick with Juliet, need to be my thoughts. It is not my right to be involved in the secondary marriage of Juliet and Paris. Outlining against it is a mistake. I need to inform her parents about her an Romeo today, or perhaps much better, stop it from occurring. Nevertheless, the Montagues and the Capulets are the ones who make Romeo and Juliet’s relationship taboo; this is why they find each other extremely attractive. I am an honourable male who sells herbs and medicines to individuals of Verona.

My potions cause both great and evil. Mainly good but my track record is tarnishable. Something like this will ruin my career, both as a friar and potion maker. Will I now be banished like Romeo? I comprehend why Mercutio is dead but Tybalt has actually always been such a mad man, I have actually constantly known this. He is accountable for the same as Romeo. Take the blame for this? I will do. So will lots of others; household, good friends, associates and even enemy all will play a crucial role in the demise of Juliet and her Romeo.