romeo and Juliet metaphor essay

romeo and Juliet metaphor essay

!.?.!? Jennavieve Sullens Formality English 1/16/14 Romeo and Juliet, two lovers are confronted with a severe issue when falling in love was unavoidable; nevertheless, both sides of their households are individuals in an ancient fight versus one another, but even their own blood wont come between the enthusiastic love that they share. For Romeo and Juliet numerous options were made for them, however the madness that drove them to be together would ultimately take their lives. The playwright Shakespeare utilizes metaphors in Romeo and Juliet to help us much better comprehend the mentally charged and intricate relationship characteristics among the primary protagonists.

Metaphors are a helpful literary gadget that assist enhance the readers analysis of the author’s intent and they offer clarity to the context. Juliet’s love is being revealed through making use of several complex metaphors that heighten the comprehension of the ideas. On page 40 line 133 Juliet reveals her love for Romeo in several different metaphors” My bounty is as limitless as the sea, My love as deep […]” This informs us how much Romeo indicates to Juliet, she is comparing her love for Romeo to the “boundless sea”; for that reason, this suggests that Juliet’s love is infinite– like the horizon, it goes on permanently.

Likewise by Juliet using this particular metaphor she wanted Romeo to understand that their love would be unfathomable, like not knowing how deep the sea is. The sea is likewise an excellent analogy since it represents a lot of the qualities of love: it has the tempestuous attributes, the reassuring and soothing qualities of the waves washing on the beach, the sea has treasure deep within it, like the heart has love deep within. When checking out these metaphors it creates psychological image in the readers mind, together with any other related experiences and individual understanding supplying the best understanding of the text.

Another example is on page 68 lines 21-25 it is stated that “Give me my Romeo; and when I shall pass away, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of paradise so great that all the world will be in love with night and pay no praise to the garish sun.” Juliet fearful of death without her romeo, desires his existence with her in heaven; in addition, typical understanding states that heaven is out of our reach amongst the stars. Juliet is concerned about investing eternity alone, hence she cuts up Romeo to keep her company amidst the stars.

The heaven-lies are revered as the quintessential expression of cosmic appeal, however Romeos face will make it much more lavish. Like the sun increasing in the morning drawing the worlds attention, Romeo’s starlight will not just capture the look of onlookers but their hearts too. Romeos feelings are being caught through many intricate metaphors to explain the physical qualities of Juliet in addition to his own desires for her. When Romeo is describing Juliet he says, 36 line 2-6, “It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!

Arise, reasonable sun, and eliminate the jealous moon, who is already ill and pale with sorrow.” The sun is life and light, with its increasing, Romeo’s hopes grow and his loneliness retreats with the darkness. He is comparing his fair Juliet to the rising sun, the sun is such a beautiful thing and comparing Juliet with such a highly worshiped item continues to keep the audience informed about his emotions. The sun lights up the whole world, as Juliet brings light to Romeo’s life; moreover, the sun is also the greatest star in the center of the planetary system, as Juliet is the center of Romeo’s life.

The sun increases in the morning, which begins day the for most everyone. Romeo’s morning begins with Juliet’s sun rays on his face and in his heart. When the sun rises it eliminates all of the darkness and the fear of the unknown; Subsequently, Romeo’s sense of loss is eliminated in her existence. Juliet is being metaphorically compared to the sun, where fixating on it can be hazardous yet one is compelled to look however. More evidence is shown on page 29 lines 46-50, “O, she doth teach the torches to burn brilliant!

It appears she hangs upon the cheek of night As a rich gem in an Ethiop’s Ear– Charm too rich for use, for earth too dear!” Romeo notifies us that Juliet burns brighter than that of the torches, metaphorically torches can not be taught to burn brilliant; however, Juliets visage is beyond compare. Torches never ever being utilized in the day, informs us that she sticks out among the darkness; all in all, the darkness being figuratively compared to all other ladies, and Romeo just sees her.

Shes the gem that stands out versus the dark Ethiop’s skin, drawing the attention of all who would see her. She is just to be admired and not tarnished by utilize. Juliet is too great for the earth, belonging in the heavens amongst the angels. Going anywhere besides earth would either be heaven or hell, in this case Romeo sees Juliet as a valued ownership; furthermore, she belongs in the heavens with angels that are as fantastic as she.

Juliet is one of the celestial bodies incarnate upon the earth, here just to be loved by Romeo. This assists us comprehend the genuine love that Romeo feels for Juliet. Metaphors are a beneficial literary gadget that help boost the readers interpretation of the author’s intent and they offer clarity to the context. With such intricate metaphors used throughout all of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet it benefits the reader with continuous proof of the special and extravagant love that the two main characters share.