Romeo and Juliet Open Response

In Romeo and Juliet, the maturity level in between Romeo and Juliet varies significantly regardless of their age distinction because of the way Juliet analyzes any decision she is going to make and the method Romeo makes reckless and reckless choices. First, Craw’s greater level of maturity is revealed through the method she analyzes the repercussions of any choice before she makes it.

For example, when Juliet is talking to herself on the balcony without knowing Romeo might hear her, she states,” O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ Reject thy daddy and refuse thy After Juliet satisfies Romeo or the first time and understands that she actually likes him, Juliet thinks through what would take place if she actually got into a relationship with Romeo.

Juliet understands that their families being arch competitors is a big problem and attempts to come up with a service for this which opposes the method Romeo makes his choices.

Next, Romeos reckless and irresponsible choices show his level of maturity. For example, when Juliet informs Romeo that her family will kill him if they find out he is here, Romeo says,” Alack, there lies more hazard in thin eye/ Than twenty of their swords: look thou however Even though Romeo understands it’s not safe to remain in the Capsules’ house any longer, he chooses he does not want to leave Juliet and stays.

Romeo does not think through the effects of this choice and makes an irresponsible choice which differs from how Juliet makes her choices. The method Romeo and Juliet make their choices plainly reveals that Juliet is more fully grown than Romeo in spite of their age distinction. Throughout Act II, Romeo and Juliet have different top priorities and issues which shows the distinction in their level of maturity, even with the difference in their age.