Romeo and Juliet Punishment

Romeo and Juliet Penalty

Punishment At the end of the play the Prince says, “All are punished,” however this isn’t entirely real. Some people in the play get off to quickly and others do not should have to be penalized. When stating this, the Prince does rule out everyone involved in the set of events leading up to the end of the tragic play. Friar Lawrence isn’t ever penalized when he is greatly responsible, Romeo did not deserve to be eliminated, and the Nurse is never chastised for the problems she triggered either. Friar Lawrence does not take any obligation for the awful deaths of Romeo and Juliet’s that he caused.

It was his unwell thought out plan that triggered it. If he had considered the repercussions of weding them prior to hand, possibly he would not have rushed into it. Also, he needs to have expected what could go wrong in his prepare for getting Juliet out of weding Paris prior to offering her the potion. After he discovers the fans dead in the burial place, he still doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, but instead makes it seem like the chain of events that lead up to the fans’ deadly death was simple coincidence.

He deserved more than anybody else to be punished for their passing away because it was he who motivated them to rely on deceptiveness, which resulted in their deaths. Friar Lawrence was unjustly left unpunished for his actions that led to the death of the two passionate lovers, Romeo and Juliet. One person that is unjustly punished is Romeo. He needs to never ever have actually been eliminated since Tybalt would have been killed anyways for eliminating Mercutio and he was simply doing what the law would do anyways. Tybalt devoted an unjust murder and Romeo simply provided him what was coming to him.

Stating Romeo was unfair in his actions is just like saying that if the Prince had actually sentenced Tybalt to death on account of murder. His actions were both justified and reasonable. Romeo did not should have the penalty that he was given. Another individual that didn’t get a penalty that she deserved was the Nurse. She kept providing Juliet glamorized ideas of Romeo instead of offering her strong advice. She needs to have alerted of the possible consequences of disobeying her moms and dads. She also helps the lovers covertly plan their edding. The Nurse is accountable for everything that took place as an impact of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship since she was totally familiar with what was going on a might have stopped it. Another reason she should have a castigation was since she even more confused, worried, and depressed Juliet after being threatened to be disowned by her dad by advising that she marry Paris while understanding that she is already married to Romeo. This drives Juliet to take the sleeping potion, which results in her death.

The Nurse is accountable for the choices that Juliet makes throughout the play and therefore should be penalized for bringing about her death. The Nurse is never reprimanded for the issues she causes, the blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is never placed on Friar Lawrence, and Romeo never ever deserves to be eradicated. These are all unjust occurrences that take place in the play. They all either don’t get the punishments they are worthy of and others get blamed for things that they are not accountable for. At the end of the play when the prince says, “All are penalized,” he does not take them into account.