Romeo and Juliet the star crossed lovers are doomed from the start, not by fate but by their own personalities and the people that surround them. Discuss

Romeo and Juliet the star crossed enthusiasts are doomed from the start, not by fate but by their own characters and the people that surround them. Talk about

Shakespeare’s fantastic tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tells the tale of two, ‘star crossed enthusiasts’ who through a series of intricate twists, come to an eventually terrible end. However did Shakespeare mean to suggest that the awful result was due completely to fate, as it recommends through the discussion of the characters? Or otherwise, was it due to the personalities of the characters and the regrettable context of their warring families? I will discuss this in my essay. Shakespeare begins this have fun with a prologue to set the scene, in which it says, ‘death mark had actually. This quote offers the impression that the story will be polluted by misery from the very start of the play. Following this quote, is one that is said through the dialogue of Romeo, ‘By some disgusting forfeit of unforeseen death.’ This quote suggests that something out side of his control, will act on him, leading to death. Later on in the play, Romeo’s character once again uses that fate is influencing him. This is revealed when he says,’ o, I am fortunes deceive.’ Towards the end of the play, Romeo again recommends that fate played a part on the occasions that took place.

This is revealed when Romeo states the following, ‘then I defy you stars.’ All of these quotes suggest that Shakespeare obviously held fate responsible for the events that took place in the play. However Romeo’s character is one that can not be overlooked in this play, due to his ‘risk-taking’ mindset, which could have ultimately led to the tragic ending. In this play we can see that Romeo’s ‘risk taking’ initiates the meeting of Juliet, by his attending the Capulet’s celebration. Romeo is once again seen ‘threat taking’ when he invests the night with Juliet after he has actually been gotten rid of from Verona, if he was captured he would deal with death as a repercussion.

Anybody of these examples, are an outcome of his character, which might have resulted in his death. Romeo’s guts is another major attribute of his character this leads him to risking death in order to see Juliet, and likewise later causes their prohibited marriage. Romeo’s impulsiveness guides him to hastily declaring his love for Juliet and their marriage. This might have been a contributing element to the awful end, as Romeo’s impulsiveness results in a timely marital relationship, which in turn might lead to more dispute etween their own two families. Another characteristic, which Romeo represents, is his ability to be independent as his love for Juliet defies his moms and dad’s expectations and that of their society. Some may state that their independent personalities led to the result. Juliet’ s characteristics might have also played a major function in the events that happened during the play. Juliet is seen in the play as bold as she depends on her forefather’s tomb. This guts might have supplied the 2 lovers’, power to defy their families in the name of love.

However as both Romeo and Juliet’s personalities were bold, it implied that they wanted to take risks and even die for each other. Other individuals personalities, surrounding Romeo and Juliet might have also played a part in their terrible ending. Such as their families, as If it were not for the century old family feud in between Romeo and Juliet families, there would have been no reason for them to conceal their love and so the play would not have ended in the method which it did. There are also two other primary characters, whose personalities might have helped the play to end with such a devastating result.

These are, Friar Laurence and the nurse. Friar Laurence’s personality was not one to plan the result. However unknown to him, his characteristic might have caused the awful end. Friar Laurence had a thoughtful character and he believed by weding the 2 fans he would be able to reunite the two families. This was not the case, therefore leading to tragedy, as a chain of events were let loose. The nurse was also an unaware contributor in this play. Her character was mother like to Juliet and so she wished to see Juliet happy in love.

This characteristic led to her performing as a messenger in between Romeo and Juliet, as they would not have actually had the ability to keep in contact without her help. For that reason the chain of events would not have actually been begun for this reason the tragedy would not have actually happened without out the nurses caring personality. In conclusion I feel that the result was not identified by fate however instead by the difficult situations the 2 enthusiasts found themselves involved in. Their personalities played a part in the out come but I feel that, had the same characters been given an opportunity in different situations there would not have actually been a disaster.