Romeo and Juliet..Was It Destined by Fate?

Romeo and Juliet. Was It Destined by Fate?Romeo and Juliet Was

it predestined by fate? Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story of two fans whose death was sealed by fate, and whose fate was to be that they were to die in one another’s arms. With love, vengeance, bad luck, secrecy and ancient grudges, all contributing to the inescapable ending which had actually currently been predestined by fate; the ending which stopped what appeared like an eternal feud between two households. It was love at very first sight and Romeo and Juliet where overtaken by the most powerful emotion felt by humans. This obviously was brought upon by fate. If it were not for Mercutio encouraging Romeo to gatecrash the celebration, then the sequence of events

would not have succeeded, but once again, fate took control of. Romeo had a gut impulse that it was a bad concept to go to the celebration, “And we imply well in going to this mask; But? tis not wit to go.”(Act 1 Scene 4)Romeo describes that he did not think it ideal to crash Capulet’s party, and that there was doubt included. Yet fate prompted him to listen to Mercutio’s words and proceed with the gatecrashing. There naturally he saw his love, Juliet. Even though Romeo currently seemed besotted by one Rosaline, all was forgotten as he instantly fell for his forbidden love

Juliet. Fate brought the two together, to satisfy once again at her veranda, and there to share such words of passion, which led to the two agreeing to, each others hand in marital relationship. The marital relationship quickly proceeded the next early morning, this when again affected by fat. For it was that week that Juliet was to get wed to Paris, yet fate arranged it so she fulfilled Romeo simply days prior to the wedding event, instantly forgetting her marital relationship with Paris. It was fate that timed it so that Romeo and Juliet would have no time to think twice and consider their alternative, and consider the scenario logically, so to come to a practical conclusion

. If that had actually taken place, then the death might have been avoided, but fate made sure that all those occasions were to take place, at those times, and in that order, so that their destiny would follow through. It was that dark day, where Romeo saw Mercutio lying dead on the flooring, a death brought on by bad luck, as unfortunate Mercutio obstructed of a dagger not indicated for him. Why was it that Mercutio was standing at that particular place, at that particular time, which the dagger, indicated for Romeo, landed straight into his stomach rather? Since it was predestined by fate to be so.” This day’s black fate on more days doth depend; this but starts the concern, others must end.”(Act 3 Scene 1)states Romeo after Mercutio’s death. Today’s black fate he mentions describes the day being a day of grieving and darkness due to fate. That fate caused Mercutio to pass away, therefore making this day a day of blackness. Thos occasion drove Romeo into a frenzy, which resulted in the death of Tybalt, and Romeo’s banishment from Verona. This indicated that he might no longer be around Juliet, for if he was to be captured within the walls of the city he would

be sentenced to his death. Once again fate had spun its web. For if Romeo’s banishment did not occur, the two enthusiasts could have kept a secret love affair. “She’s dead, deceased, she’s dead; alack the day! “the nurse wept.(Act 4 Scene 5). However was she truly? It was secrecy that caused the whole of Verona thinking that Juliet Capulet had actually died the night before. It was Friar Lawrence, who thought that the only response to their issue was to stage Juliet’s death, so that they as soon as again could live together in secret. Cooking up a potion to make Juliet appear lifeless, he thought of a plan which was not bulletproof. It was predestined that Friar Lawrence was to create a plan of such a nature? destined by fate. Fate decided that Balthazar was to discover Juliet dead, and right away tell Romeo. It was even fate that Romeo and Balthazar were pals to begin with, therefore Balthazar understanding about the secret love affair in between the two enthusiasts. Balthazar overtook the messenger, who was providing the news of the plan to Romeo, causing Romeo to break down, and run for his Juliet. This was another unavoidable event determined by fate. This concerns the Ancient fight between the 2 families. It was fate that had caused it to be

that the Montague’s and the Capulet’s were involved in an ancient grudge to start with. For centuries the households were at war with one another. Since of these past arguments, it was simply prohibited for a Montague and a Capulet to be friends. These restrictions prohibited the lovers to be together in the first place, for if the ancient animosity between the families did not exist, then their love would not have to be forbidden and they would not have to keep their affairs a trick. The death of Romeo and Juliet was indicated to

be, as figured out by fate. If it were not for these deaths, then the fight between the households would not have actually ceased, and would have continued for an eternity. The story was predestined to be, for even fate has its reasons.